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November 12 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM. Pastor Nettleton led a devotion centered on the Fifth Petition from Luther’s Small Catechism and focusing on the relationship between prayer and the forgiveness of sins. The minutes for the October 15 meeting were approved. Pastor Nettleton mentioned the October 9 funeral for Imogene Frances Ahlbrandt. The council noted that expenses and spending for the current year are on target with the budget but that revenue is only slightly exceeding 90% of projections. Given timing considerations in the current budget year this circumstance was not viewed as being unexpected or otherwise out of the ordinary.

Board Reports

  • Grant provided the sole board liaison report on behalf of the Trustees by highlighting the recent cleanup day that was held following an earlier postponement due to inclement weather.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • With recognition of Don Walker’s nearly fifteen years of valued service, Tom discussed changes being made in how custodial services will be provided. A smooth transition is expected with a local Fort Collins cleaning service scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday evenings. Some spot checking consisting of four to five hours per week will also be done in addition to the possibility of seeking some volunteer efforts from members of the Congregation.
  • The council discussed and agreed that it would be appropriate to provide donuts, bagels and fruit along with regular beverage refreshments during the Congregational meeting scheduled for November 17.

Old Business

  • Pastor Nettleton summarized ongoing efforts by the Nomination Committee to secure a full slate of candidates to represent the congregation on the 2020 Council. The final slate of candidates will be presented to and voted upon by the congregation at the November 17 congregation meeting.

New Business

  • The council discussed approved LCMS terminology and the adoption of consistent practices for reporting Official Acts in the monthly congregation newsletter.
  • Following a short discussion, the council approved a proposed agenda for the November 17 congregation meeting. In addition to conducting the 2020 election, the meeting will center on the distribution of a current financial report, approval of the 2020 budget, updates on the congregational restructuring process, installation of the new heating system and a Foundation report.

Open Agenda Items

  • Pastor Nettleton provided an informative update on his recent participation in the Doxology program offered by the Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel in Donaldson, Indiana.
  • Following Pastor Nettleton and Tom’s departure from the meeting, those who remained discussed at great length and in thorough detail the proposed draft version of the 2020 congregation budget. Among the topics considered were salary adjustments made in the two most recent budgets, job descriptions and responsibilities, and the relationship between projected revenues and expenses. Ultimately—and with two salary adjustments made in to the proposed draft—Council approved the budget for congregational approval at the November 17 congregation meeting.

The next two council meetings are scheduled for December 13, 2019, and January 14, 2020. The meeting closed with members standing and saying the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

2020 Church Leadership

Church Council

Back row: June Donaldson, Brandon Abel, Don Gibbons (vice-president), Grant Wolf, Dale Walters (president), Rev. Shawn Nettleton.

Front row: Jim Bernecker, Jill Hudak, Eric Gardner (treasurer), Kimberly Pepmiller, Dorothy Hull, Fred Hartmeister (secretary).

Not pictured: Stephen Maffett, Zach Stephens.

Lay Ministers

Back row: Rev. Shawn Nettleton, Kevin Seiler, Dale Walters, Ron Young.

Front row: RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer, Barb Faucett, Arlene Knox, Anita Walters.

Not pictured: Rudy Nicholas.

Photos by Saint John’s member Les Smith

October 15 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM. Pastor Nettleton opened with a devotion and prayer. The minutes from the September 10 meeting were approved with minor corrections. Pastor Nettleton noted September’s higher attendance and reviewed official acts: the Hausers and the Tolar family (Rachael Tolar is the daughter of Troy and Joy Bauder) were recived into membership by transfer and Nancy Behm transferred to Redeemer Lutheran. Eric reported that we are running a deficit for the year of $23,555 with no unusual expenses.

Board Reports

  • Elderberries (June): Will not host Thanksgiving dinner due to lack of participation from area congregations. Bensons presented Africa travelogue in September. Planning Advent meals. Revised purpose statement.
  • Children’s Ministry (Zach): The Sunday School has had ten to twenty students in class each week.
  • Preschool (Stephen): The Bike Rodeo raised around $2,000 for the school. Board reviewed 2020 budget request and a favorable area tuition comparison. Kandy is looking to get aides qualified as teachers.
  • Campus and Youth (Kimberly): Campus board is seeking help providing dinner for four or five students before the monthly prayer services. The youth will gather for Capture the Flag on Sunday.
  • Trustees (Eric): Planning an outside cleanup day for November 2. Seeking input from Architectural Review Committee on a patch of grass on church’s easement that owner does not want to water.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Custodial Services: Don Walker, custodian of almost fifteen years, has decided to retire. Tom is seeking bids from several companies in the area to provide that service at least through the end of the year.
  • Sprinklers: Trustees installed automated sprinkler controllers. System has been shut down/winterized.

Old Business

  • Nomination Committee: Committee is Pastor Nettleton, Stephen Maffett, Sue Gardner, RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer, Troy Bauder, Sharon Whiteman. They will have nominees by the November meeting.
  • Boiler: Successful startup September 27. Tra Mar needs to replace one pump and relocate outside temperature sensors, then arrange for a state inspection. Eric described how the system works.
  • Congregation structure: Pastor Nettleton is preparing a study on Elders. We have most revised purpose/responsibility statements in. Will continue reviewing structure changes in 2020.

New Business

  • 2020 Budget: Tom presented the first draft of the 2020 budget. Council will review and return for further discussion in November, when the final budget will be approved for presentation to the congregation.
  • Board reports: Boards will provide written reports at the congregation meeting.

Open Agenda Items

  • Meeting Schedule: The next Council meeting will be November 12.

The Council meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:25 PM.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

September 10 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM. Pastor Nettleton opened with a reading from Psalm 119 and Luther-themed devotional related to “how does one become a Christian?” The minutes from the July 9 meeting were approved. Pastor Nettleton led a discussion of the July and August official acts and congregation attendance. Dale provided the Treasurer’s report in Eric’s absence. In discussing the balance sheet and other budget summaries, he noted that income and expenses are close to matching and aligned with year-to-date projections.

Board Reports

  • Stephen updated the Council on Open Arms enrollment, upcoming preschool bathroom renovation work and the Bike Rodeo fundraiser. Kandy is back in her office following installation of the new boiler system.
  • June updated the Council on Elderberry attendance at an August Colorado Rockies game (which ended in a walk-off home run).
  • Kimberly provided attendance figures for the recent barbecue dinner for college-aged students as well as youth activities including mini-golf and go-kart racing.
  • Don gave the Human Resources report related to reorganization preparation.
  • Grant mentioned repairs for the sprinkler system and the need to plan for some exterior lawn work.
  • Sue gave the Fellowship report highlighting attendance at a separate Colorado Rockies game in addition to resuming “Eat and Greet” events in October.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Tom indicated that the boiler work is completed with the exception of needing to wait for some cooler weather for testing and certification.
  • Tom also mentioned engaging in preliminary 2020 budget request and other preparatory efforts with board liaisons and committee chairs. Most of this work will occur in October prior to consideration by the Congregation for approval at the November Voters meeting. One particular budget-related item that will need to be addressed is an exterior painting project.

Old Business

  • With a unanimous vote by those in attendance, ratified an email vote to approve the 2020 church employee health insurance package.
  • With regard to the congregation’s ongoing restructuring efforts, it was reaffirmed that the proposed structure approved by the Council will be presented to the Congregation at the annual Voter’s meeting in November.
  • Pastor Nettleton continues working with others on configuration of the proposed Elders Board with that being a status topic for discussion during the October Council meeting.

New Business

  • The November Congregational meeting is scheduled to follow services on November 17, 2019.
  • Discussion pursuant to Bylaw 4.1 occurred vis-à-vis appointment of the Nomination Committee. Final configuration of the Nomination Committee will include Sue and Stephen from the Council along with other non-Council members being solicited by Pastor.

Open Agenda Items

  • Pastor Nettleton highlighted the upcoming October 4–5 Fall Conference on “Human Life and Biomedical Technology” being led by Rev. Dr. Robert Weise, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

The Council meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:48 PM.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

Boiler Project Finished!

The winter cold is creeping in, but we will be nice and toasty at Saint John’s. After years of planning and collecting money, the heating system replacement project is finally complete, and the new equipment is humming away in the boiler room. We have some fine-tuning yet to do, and our Trustees are working on replacing thermostats and otherwise updating the controls and valves of the system, but the main part of the project—the expensive part!—is done.

Council member and head Trustee Eric Gardner has been working for at least a year and a half to collect bids, guide Council through the decision process and work with Tra Mar mechanical, the local company selected to replace the boilers, through the replacement process. Tra Mar removed the old system and replaced it with two high-efficiency boilers, five new pumps and a room full of new copper pipes and fittings. Preschool Director Kandy Wise’s office was the staging point, so she had to be moved out for the summer while the work proceeded.

Here’s what the boiler room looked like before the project began. The huge boiler was a surplus unit from Colorado State University when it was installed here at Saint John’s almost sixty years ago. It was massive, inefficient and more boiler than the church really needed. But Saint John’s certainly got a good deal on it!

This photo was taken just after the boiler was removed, having been sliced up like a loaf of bread to get it safely out of the boiler room. Eric Gardner and Don Gibbons got into the space to clean it up, paint the floors and walls and make it look at least a little less creepy.

Tra Mar worked through the summer, and this is the final product. The two boilers work with each other to keep a loop of water heated to a certain temperature. That temperature is based on the weather outside: the colder it is, the hotter the water going out to the heating system. So we’re neither needing to keep a big tank of water hot nor getting the water to a temperature higher than what’s needed, saving us gas costs and mechanical wear. You can also see in the background an instant hot water heater, which is what now provides hot tap water and replaces the electricity-devouring booster heater that used to power the dishwasher. Another source of potential savings!

Once Tra Mar was finished with the bulk of their part of the project, we took advantage of Kandy’s office being empty, our carpet installers being here for a warranty fix and some available Thrivent Choice Dollars to get the carpet in her office replaced. Kandy and her son, Seth, repainted the room, and she found some great deals on new furnishings to reorganize. We moved her back in to what now feels like a new office.

Now that the system has been replaced, Eric Gardner, with the help of Rudy Nicholas and the rest of the Trustees, are replacing old thermostats with wifi-programmable units, cleaning out the heating fins of the hot water registers throughout the church and otherwise tweaking the system to make sure we’re saving as much money as possible on utility bills while still keeping everyone nice and warm.

The heating system replacement was funded primarily from the “Choice Dollars” our members designated to the church from Thrivent Financial. We also received a number of donations from members specifically for the project. Many thanks to all who donated and who continue to designate their Thrivent fraternal dollars to Saint John’s, the Foundation or Open Arms Preschool.

This project has been one we’ve fretted about for many years. It’s such a relief to finally have it done, and we thank everyone who through the years have explored ways to get it accomplished. Special thanks to Eric Gardner, who has spent countless hours shepherding the project through to completion and brought so much wisdom and know-how to the process.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.