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The meeting was called to order at 6:05. Joel opened with prayer. Minutes approved as corrected.

Official Acts and Treasurer’s Report

Due to Pastor’s absence, we plan to review the Official Acts for both February and March at the April meeting. We are up $1,000 for February despite a few additional expenses. Zach motioned to approve, Eric seconded, motion carried.

Board Reports

Campus Ministry: There is an annual retreat in Estes on April 15 and 16. With the school year coming to a close, they are looking into some sort of end-of-the-year event.

Children’s Ministry: Board has not met. Would like to recruit more people to run and organize New Life Festival. Kids are singing on Palm Sunday.

Elderberries: Lenten meals are going well with good attendance. Meeting tomorrow to plan Maundy Thursday meal. Returning to their regular 3rd Thursday potluck after Easter and already have presentations lined up for April and May. Have tickets reserved for a Rockies game at the end of August.

Fellowship: Eat and Greet went well last Sunday with about 30 people in attendance. Evening Lenten meals are covered by Heseders and Woman-to-Woman. Will start advertising for Rockies event after Easter and might inquire about Faith Day’s at other sporting events.

Finance: Met yesterday. Nothing to report.

Human Needs: Currently working on Baby Care Kits. Slammin’ Famine was a success and had about 35 people from Saint John’s.

Outreach: Still looking for a guest speaker for the Fall but have found someone for 2017. We have an Easter ad in the Collegian, Coloradoan, and Discover magazine.

Parish Education: Has not met. Trying to get a meeting together for April or May.

Preschool: Met today. The Open House went really well and we have 3 potential registrants from the website. There were no problems with state licensing. Currently working on fundraisers and are considering a new logo.

Trustees: Fixed a few plumbing issues. Pryor had to come to repair a failed furnace. Placed reflective strips on the steps in the balcony and have gotten feedback that it has made a huge difference. Will look into a solution for the hymnal racks under the pews so they can hold more hymnals.

Worship: Met today. Still searching for places for the old hymnals. Reviewed Easter preparations and services. We’ll be communing every Sunday through Easter.

Youth: Nothing to report.

Parish Administrator’s Report

Coffee maker: Purchased a new one and it has been installed by a few of the Trustees. Plan to purchase another unit solely for hot water.

Organ issues: Have addressed old issues and some new ones have come up. Should be getting a check for $3,100 from insurance company to cover past expenses.

Heseders: Organizing a Craft Show for November and want Council input. The event will not interfere with Fall Fair and will be open to the community.

Thrivent: We are using Thrivent funds for Sunday morning refreshments and the offering goes to various groups at Saint John’s.

AC Unit: Working with Pryor for the new AC unit. Would like to get it installed before summer.

Old Business

Memorial Garden: There is a drawing available for the congregation to see at the back of the sanctuary. Should be getting construction drawings this week. Will be presenting to congregation for approval at the congregational meeting.

Wente Estate Update: No check yet. Still working on a few legal issues.

Congregational Meeting: Board liaisons expect to give a brief board update. Will be presenting Memorial Garden with cost of materials and more specific plans to congregation for approval.

New Business

Pastoral Assistance: Pastor is meeting with the district president after Easter to think about getting an assistant pastor.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.