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Proper 14 (Year A)

The same God who laid the foun­da­tions of the earth is the Author and Giver of life who gov­erns all things by His Word. His wis­dom and power are beyond our under­stand­ing, except as He reveals Him­self in the incar­nate Word, Christ Jesus. In Christ, He draws near to us in mercy. In our mor­tal­ity and sin­ful unbe­lief, we do not always rec­og­nize the Lord Jesus. But as we cry out in fear, He speaks, “Do not be afraid,” and He reaches out His hand to save us. For “every­one who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Pas­tor Nettleton’s mes­sage (mp3)

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Thank You from the Van­der­hy­des

Dear Friends in Christ at Saint John’s Lutheran Church,

Greet­ings from Saint Louis! The three of us safely arrived at our apart­ment (about a half-​mile from the sem­i­nary) on Wednes­day, August 2, and have been putting things in order and rear­rang­ing some fur­ni­ture. It’s hard to believe that our sum­mer, for the most part, is over. We were look­ing for­ward to being in Fort Collins with you all for what seemed like a long time in the spring. But then sum­mer came and went all too fast.

So, we want you to know how much we appre­ci­ated and enjoyed being in wor­ship with you and shar­ing with you a lit­tle bit of your life this past sum­mer. Thank you for the hos­pi­tal­ity you showed to us, in wel­com­ing us into your con­gre­ga­tion, pro­vid­ing us with a place to live, stock­ing our pantry and every­thing else. We loved get­ting to know you all; you have been so kind and friendly! We thank God for the pres­ence of His Church in Fort Collins, for the min­istry that he is car­ry­ing out through you!

Finally, thanks for being a part of my edu­ca­tion in the min­istry. This was not only a great sum­mer job for me, it was also a chance to grow and improve in areas related to my stud­ies at sem­i­nary. I will carry with me the things I’ve learned as I con­tinue my stud­ies in the com­ing years and even as I enter the parish. You all at St. John’s will con­tinue to be a bless­ing to me in my future stud­ies and min­istry, and you will always be spe­cial to our fam­ily. May God bless and keep you in His grace.

Yours in Christ,
Ben, Grace and Larson

Ben Van­der­hyde served as sum­mer intern at Saint John’s in 2017. He is cur­rently study­ing for the min­istry at Con­cor­dia Sem­i­nary in St. Louis. You can reach him by email at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Proper 13 (Year A)

By the Gospel of Jesus, we have been made the chil­dren of God, “not because of works but because of Him who calls.” He has come with divine com­pas­sion to save us from sin and death and to feed us with Him­self. As our Lord Jesus once fed his dis­ci­ples and the crowds, He now takes bread, blesses it by His Word to be His very body and dis­trib­utes it to His Church by the hand of His called and ordained ser­vants. And this bread is also more than enough for His whole Church to eat and to be satisfied.

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Proper 12 (Year A)

God has cho­sen us to be “His trea­sured pos­ses­sion” not because of any strength in us, but because He loves us. He has searched for us and found us in love, and He has bestowed on us great value by the great price that He has paid on the cross. Now we are the trea­sure hid­den in a field, cov­ered by the cross and “called accord­ing to His pur­pose.” There is noth­ing in all cre­ation that can sep­a­rate us from “the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Proper 11 (Year A)

The good Seed, Jesus Him­self, brings forth a har­vest of faith and bears good fruits. But what­ever is sown apart from His Word bears only weeds of unbe­lief and sin. Thank­fully, the Lord lets the weeds grow together with the good plants while He con­tin­ues to preach repen­tance and for­give­ness of sins. He thus pre­serves His Church in right­eous­ness. Though we do not yet see it, the Spirit helps us per­se­vere now, con­fi­dent that “the suf­fer­ings of this present time are not worth com­par­ing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

Sem­i­nar­ian Ben Vanderhyde’s mes­sage (mp3)

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