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As a caring Christian, you want to use your God-given resources to provide for people you love and ministries you care about. Founded in 1983, the Saint John’s Lutheran Foundation can help. There is a deep satisfaction in knowing that some of the funds and property you have accumulated during your lifetime will be used to spread the love and forgiveness of Christ.

Approach making a living memorial gift or bequest by will to the Saint John’s Lutheran Foundation with much care and prayer. Be guided by your consideration for your family, your fellow human beings, and most importantly, your Lord and God, the Giver of it all. Through the Saint John’s Lutheran Foundation, you can willingly, lovingly and cheerfully aid the cause of Christ’s Kingdom and you will be richly blessed.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

The Saint John’s Lutheran Foundation was formed:

  1. To establish a “legal entity” to receive gifts, bequests and other financial documents.
  2. To encourage financial planning, commitment and giving of short and long-term duration.
  3. To comply with the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt organizations investing and managing assets to receive adequate returns.
  4. To insure that all assets received by the Church are applied in the manner and for the purpose designated by the donor within the life of Saint John’s Lutheran Church of Fort Collins and in a Christian fashion, for outside activities as approved by the Church Council.
The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1

Saint John’s Lutheran Foundation is a non-profit corporation existing in perpetuity established with the authority to:

  1. Act as custodian of funds, securities, investments and property donated to the Foundation and held for the benefit of Saint John’s.
  2. Acquire, hold, own, vote and sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of capital stock, bonds, securities, real property or other assets consistent with the purpose of the Foundation.
  3. Do all acts and things necessary and expedient to carry out the purposes for which it was formed, and to possess and enjoy all powers now or hereafter conferred by the laws of the State of Colorado on non-profit corporations.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
Galatians 6:10

Some Giving Options:

  • Gifts of Cash
  • Bequest in a Will—such as a set amount of money, a percentage of an estate, a specific asset, a trust, or the naming of the Church as a contingent beneficiary, etc.
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Life Estate-such as the deed to a home, condominium, vacation home, ranch, farm, etc.
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Gifts of Tangible Personal Property such as jewelry, coins, stamp collections, works of art, furniture, antiques, automobiles, boats, etc.
God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sin … he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. Colossians 2:13b–14

See the Foundation Brochure (pdf)


The Columbarium

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Psalm 23:6

Saint John’s Council just approved the rules and regulation and other paperwork required for Saint John’s new columbarium. We have already reserved several niches—if you have reserved a niche, you can expect a call soon from Tom Miles! He will be confirming details before beginning to make inscriptions and preparing Certificates of Inurnment Rights. To those who are interested but have not yet reserved, watch for the new brochures at the Welcome Center, and contact Tom if for further information.

Since ancient times, Christians have buried their families in the churchyard or in the church itself, symbolizing the continuum of faith from birth to death, baptism to burial. In keeping with this tradition, Saint John’s Lutheran Church has established a columbarium for the inurnment of the cremated remains of members of Saint John’s in good standing. The columbarium is located on the north side of the church, in the Garden, which was completed in 2019. It has been designed as a dignified setting to honor those who have entered the Church Triumphant. It is a place where visitors to the columbarium may come to rest and pray.

The niches are 8"× 8" and accommodate up to two urns. The cost of a niche is $1,500, which includes everything—inscriptions, urns, maintenance and any other costs—and one opening for placement of an urn. Additional openings cost $300 each. The full name of each inurned individual and his or her birth and death dates will be inscribed on the niche front. A small portion of the cost of the first 132 niches will be used to complete the columbarium, which will eventually consist of three units of 66 niches each. The larger portion of the cost will be kept in a restricted fund, separate from general church funds, to assure the perpetual care of the columbarium.

The columbarium is overseen and maintained by Saint John’s Parish Administrator and the Board of Trustees. For more information and a copy of the Columbarium Rules and Regulations, contact Tom in the church office. To request a niche, simply find or request a copy of the columbarium brochure and fill out the enclosed Application to Purchase Inurnment Rights. Your Application will be reviewed by Saint John’s Senior Pastor and Parish Administrator. Once approved, your initial payment will be due. Upon receipt of full payment you will receive a Certificate of Inurnment Rights.

Arrangements for the placement of ashes in the Garden may then be preplanned at any time. Those who desire inurnment in the Garden are encouraged to inform their family of their wishes. All inurnments will take place with the assistance of Saint John’s Senior Pastor.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.

The Garden

The idea for a garden came from a number of members here at Saint John’s. Mostly from those who had lost loved ones and supported a special area with landscape features—an area to gather which would include a columbarium. They believed a garden-type area would also improve the architectural appearance of the north side of the Church.

There were three families that provided the finances to study the area, provide the engineering and ultimately the conceptual and construction plans. These steps included drainage issues, handicapped accessibility, access and repair and replacement of existing landscaping. The plans were presented to the Church Council who made modifications to The Garden.

The construction of The Garden, which has been approved by the congregation, will begin the first part of September and should be completed within sixty days.

Features will include three locations for religious features, seating for approximately 25 people, handicapped accessibility, scripture verses on special pavers, beautiful plantings, security and lighting systems and a columbarium that will ultimately contain over 200 niches. The Garden may also be accessed directly from within the north entry foyer.

The Garden will be a wonderful place to pray, reflect and enjoy the quiet setting. There will be seating for groups to meet, Bible study, and special gatherings such as wedding parties.

People may donate funds in recognition of a loved one and have their names inscribed on a special donor plaque which will hang in the north entry.

There is a special effort underway to improve the landscape/architectural appeal of our church. The Garden will be a beautiful addition to the exterior appearance.

As of this article, we are still in need of approximately $38,000 to complete the project. Please consider contributing to this special project. There are envelopes in the pews for this purpose. You can also place your contribution in the offering plate noting “The Garden” on your check.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.

Wente Estate Status

As many of you will recall, Saint John’s was gifted a portion of the Minnie Wente Estate, which included mineral rights on land in Weld County. We extended drilling rights to Noble Energy. We are a part of a seventeen-tract drilling area.

A brief history of how these mineral rights came to Saint John's: it started with Louie Wente, who received his interest by a U.S. patent in 1911. In 1946, he conveyed the surface portion and reserved the entire mineral interest. Subsequently a portion of the mineral rights were conveyed to other family members and through estates a part was given to Saint John’s.

We are in the process of clearing up legal matters which occurred throughout all of these transactions and have engaged a local attorney to assist with cleaning up some of the questionable conveyances.

At this time, Noble is extracting oil from this area and we will soon know to what extent this will benefit Saint John’s. The gift is very restrictive and can only be used for scholarship-type uses and possibly our organ. Our attorney is looking into the possibility of modifying these restrictions to allow us to use the funds in other areas.

As we move through this process we will continue to update you.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.

Chancel Floor Refinishing

The chancel floor was installed in 2005 with the renovation of the Worship Center. The beautiful cherry floor served us well for nearly ten years, but took a few dings in that time. The scrapes, scratches and divots of normal use (plus a few larger dents from Christmas programs, piano moving and some “oops” events) were becoming noticeable, so it was time for our first refinish.

The Foundation decided to fund this project after finding that it would cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

The week of the refinishing, a volunteer crew cleared the chancel. Then, during the week, the floor was sanded down and a new stain was applied. (We’ll get another coat in a few months.) Then everything went back up onto the chancel in time for Sunday services.

Enjoy the new floor—gently! Remember: pads on anything that stands on the floor and only water (absolutely no chemicals) to clean the floor.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.

Communion Kits

Staff petitioned the Foundation for funds to provide a portable communion case to each of the Lay Ministers to allow them to assist Pastor Nickel with serving communion to our homebound members (see Pastor Nickel’s article, “Lay Ministry Developments” for details). The board found that the money remaining in one of the Foundation's memorial funds would be just enough to cover this expense.

The family agreed to utilize the funds in the memorial for this purchase, and soon twelve new, zippered portable communion service kits arrived for the Lay Ministers to use.

Each case has a container for the consecrated wafers and a small bottle for the consecrated wine as well as a stock of disposable communion cups and a copy of the communion liturgy.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.