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As a car­ing Chris­t­ian, you want to use your God-​given resources to pro­vide for peo­ple you love and min­istries you care about. Founded in 1983, the Saint John’s Lutheran Foun­da­tion can help. There is a deep sat­is­fac­tion in know­ing that some of the funds and prop­erty you have accu­mu­lated dur­ing your life­time will be used to spread the love and for­give­ness of Christ.

Approach mak­ing a liv­ing memo­r­ial gift or bequest by will to the Saint John’s Lutheran Foun­da­tion with much care and prayer. Be guided by your con­sid­er­a­tion for your fam­ily, your fel­low human beings, and most impor­tantly, your Lord and God, the Giver of it all. Through the Saint John’s Lutheran Foun­da­tion, you can will­ingly, lov­ingly and cheer­fully aid the cause of Christ’s King­dom and you will be richly blessed.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluc­tantly or under com­pul­sion, for God loves a cheer­ful giver. 2 Corinthi­ans 9:7

The Saint John’s Lutheran Foun­da­tion was formed:

  1. To estab­lish a “legal entity” to receive gifts, bequests and other finan­cial documents.
  2. To encour­age finan­cial plan­ning, com­mit­ment and giv­ing of short and long-​term duration.
  3. To com­ply with the reg­u­la­tions of the Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice for tax exempt orga­ni­za­tions invest­ing and man­ag­ing assets to receive ade­quate returns.
  4. To insure that all assets received by the Church are applied in the man­ner and for the pur­pose des­ig­nated by the donor within the life of Saint John’s Lutheran Church of Fort Collins and in a Chris­t­ian fash­ion, for out­side activ­i­ties as approved by the Church Council.
The earth is the Lord’s, and every­thing in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1

Saint John’s Lutheran Foun­da­tion is a non-​profit cor­po­ra­tion exist­ing in per­pe­tu­ity estab­lished with the author­ity to:

  1. Act as cus­to­dian of funds, secu­ri­ties, invest­ments and prop­erty donated to the Foun­da­tion and held for the ben­e­fit of Saint John’s.
  2. Acquire, hold, own, vote and sell, assign, trans­fer, mort­gage, pledge or oth­er­wise dis­pose of cap­i­tal stock, bonds, secu­ri­ties, real prop­erty or other assets con­sis­tent with the pur­pose of the Foundation.
  3. Do all acts and things nec­es­sary and expe­di­ent to carry out the pur­poses for which it was formed, and to pos­sess and enjoy all pow­ers now or here­after con­ferred by the laws of the State of Col­orado on non-​profit corporations.
There­fore, as we have oppor­tu­nity, let us do good to all peo­ple, espe­cially to those who belong to the fam­ily of believ­ers.
Gala­tians 6:10

Some Giv­ing Options:

  • Gifts of Cash
  • Bequest in a Will — such as a set amount of money, a per­cent­age of an estate, a spe­cific asset, a trust, or the nam­ing of the Church as a con­tin­gent ben­e­fi­ciary, etc.
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Life Estate-​such as the deed to a home, con­do­minium, vaca­tion home, ranch, farm, etc.
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Gifts of Tan­gi­ble Per­sonal Prop­erty such as jew­elry, coins, stamp col­lec­tions, works of art, fur­ni­ture, antiques, auto­mo­biles, boats, etc.
God made you alive with Christ. He for­gave us all our sin … he has taken it away, nail­ing it to the cross. Colos­sians 2:13b – 14

See the Foun­da­tion Brochure (pdf)

Wente Estate Sta­tus

As many of you will recall, Saint John’s was gifted a por­tion of the Min­nie Wente Estate, which included min­eral rights on land in Weld County. We extended drilling rights to Noble Energy. We are a part of a seventeen-​tract drilling area.

A brief his­tory of how these min­eral rights came to Saint John’s: it started with Louie Wente, who received his inter­est by a U.S. patent in 1911. In 1946, he con­veyed the sur­face por­tion and reserved the entire min­eral inter­est. Sub­se­quently a por­tion of the min­eral rights were con­veyed to other fam­ily mem­bers and through estates a part was given to Saint John’s.

We are in the process of clear­ing up legal mat­ters which occurred through­out all of these trans­ac­tions and have engaged a local attor­ney to assist with clean­ing up some of the ques­tion­able conveyances.

At this time, Noble is extract­ing oil from this area and we will soon know to what extent this will ben­e­fit Saint John’s. The gift is very restric­tive and can only be used for scholarship-​type uses and pos­si­bly our organ. Our attor­ney is look­ing into the pos­si­bil­ity of mod­i­fy­ing these restric­tions to allow us to use the funds in other areas.

As we move through this process we will con­tinue to update you.

The mis­sion of the Foun­da­tion is to receive gifts, memo­ri­als, insur­ance pro­ceeds, stock and other finan­cial doc­u­ments in order to pro­vide funds for needed projects and mis­sions within the Church.

Chan­cel Floor Refin­ish­ing

The chan­cel floor was installed in 2005 with the ren­o­va­tion of the Wor­ship Cen­ter. The beau­ti­ful cherry floor served us well for nearly ten years, but took a few dings in that time. The scrapes, scratches and div­ots of nor­mal use (plus a few larger dents from Christ­mas pro­grams, piano mov­ing and some “oops” events) were becom­ing notice­able, so it was time for our first refinish.

The Foun­da­tion decided to fund this project after find­ing that it would cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

The week of the refin­ish­ing, a vol­un­teer crew cleared the chan­cel. Then, dur­ing the week, the floor was sanded down and a new stain was applied. (We’ll get another coat in a few months.) Then every­thing went back up onto the chan­cel in time for Sun­day services.

Enjoy the new floor — gen­tly! Remem­ber: pads on any­thing that stands on the floor and only water (absolutely no chem­i­cals) to clean the floor.

The mis­sion of the Foun­da­tion is to receive gifts, memo­ri­als, insur­ance pro­ceeds, stock and other finan­cial doc­u­ments in order to pro­vide funds for needed projects and mis­sions within the Church.

Com­mu­nion Kits

Staff peti­tioned the Foun­da­tion for funds to pro­vide a portable com­mu­nion case to each of the Lay Min­is­ters to allow them to assist Pas­tor Nickel with serv­ing com­mu­nion to our home­bound mem­bers (see Pas­tor Nickel’s arti­cle, “Lay Min­istry Devel­op­ments” for details). The board found that the money remain­ing in one of the Foundation’s memo­r­ial funds would be just enough to cover this expense.

The fam­ily agreed to uti­lize the funds in the memo­r­ial for this pur­chase, and soon twelve new, zip­pered portable com­mu­nion ser­vice kits arrived for the Lay Min­is­ters to use.

Each case has a con­tainer for the con­se­crated wafers and a small bot­tle for the con­se­crated wine as well as a stock of dis­pos­able com­mu­nion cups and a copy of the com­mu­nion liturgy.

The mis­sion of the Foun­da­tion is to receive gifts, memo­ri­als, insur­ance pro­ceeds, stock and other finan­cial doc­u­ments in order to pro­vide funds for needed projects and mis­sions within the Church.

Your Foun­da­tion at Work

Dur­ing the last cou­ple of years, Foun­da­tion fund­ing as well as money des­ig­nated to the Foun­da­tion through Thrivent Choice Dol­lars have been spent on numer­ous items.

Here’s a list of those expenditures:

  • Sup­ported mis­sion trips to Haiti and New Orleans and upcom­ing trips to Africa, Peru and India;
  • Pur­chased a set of books and wor­ship resources for the office library;
  • Replaced the car­pet in the down­stairs hall­way (between the Large and Small Fel­low­ship Halls);
  • Funded the salary of our sum­mer intern;
  • Recar­peted and repainted the church office;
  • Replaced many church office furnishings;
  • Set up a reserve for future replace­ment of our aging boiler;
  • Pur­chased a set of new white cof­fee cups with the Saint John’s logo;
  • Made many roof repairs and replaced some sec­tions of the roof;
  • Repaired and resur­faced the park­ing lot;
  • Paid for con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion sem­i­nars for our called workers;
  • Pro­vided edu­ca­tional funds for the train­ing of church work­ers from our congregation;
  • Pro­vided schol­ar­ship funds for sem­i­nary students;
  • Funded some mar­ket­ing efforts of Open Arms preschool;
  • Paid for the hir­ing of spe­cial musi­cians — trum­pet and other brass — for Christ­mas Eve, Palm Sun­day’, Easter and other spe­cial wor­ship services
  • Made funds avail­able for main­tain­ing the organ and grand piano;
  • Refin­ished the wood floor of the Chancel.

Thanks to the cur­rent Foun­da­tion board mem­bers. Their care and con­cern for Saint John’s is shown through the deci­sions they have made to pro­vide funds for these many needed projects.

The Board would like to encour­age each of you to con­sider how you can con­tribute to the Foun­da­tion, whether with cur­rent assets, future death ben­e­fits, insur­ance pro­ceeds, etc … . There are a num­ber of ways these funds can then be used to pro­vide finan­cial sup­port for so many uses which would not be able to be cov­ered from day-​to-​day operations.

The mis­sion of the Foun­da­tion is to receive gifts, memo­ri­als, insur­ance pro­ceeds, stock and other finan­cial doc­u­ments in order to pro­vide funds for needed projects and mis­sions within the Church.

Office Ren­o­va­tion

No one really knew how long the pink car­pet had been down in the office. A cou­ple of our Trustees had vague mem­o­ries of putting it in at the same time some of the women of the con­gre­ga­tion worked on the wall­pa­per — but it was in the remote past. Not quite best mea­sured in decades, but closer than any­one is com­fort­able admit­ting. So, in the week before Christ­mas and in the weeks that have fol­lowed, the Foun­da­tion funded a “facelift” of the church office area.

The first project was cleanup and paint­ing. A crew of some very hard-​working vol­un­teer labor­ers worked dur­ing — and, yes, we know how crazy this sounds — the week before Christ­mas. Every day a bunch of amaz­ing peo­ple came in to plug away at mov­ing fur­ni­ture, clean­ing and, of course, paint­ing. By Christ­mas Eve, the office was glow­ing “linen” instead of “insti­tu­tional gray.” A door-​to-​nowhere had been filled in, plans for addi­tional shelv­ing had been made and even the safe had been painted.

They pushed hard to get this done so that a floor­ing com­pany could install a brand new car­pet to match the one that had gone in to the down­stairs hall­way ear­lier in the year. The installers were in the day after Christ­mas to spend the rest of the week get­ting the floor­ing replaced.

The Trustees have been in and out of the office ever since, check­ing off the last projects. Pic­tures and bul­letin boards have been re-​hung, shelves rein­stalled, elec­tri­cal recep­ta­cles replaced. Today, the office looks com­plete. It’s really com­fort­able and beau­ti­ful. Stop by and see!

The final part of this project will be replac­ing some of the older and more beaten-​up fur­ni­ture. The Foun­da­tion has set aside another fund for this endeavor.

What a won­der­ful effort on the part of our amaz­ing vol­un­teers! Thank you to all who were involved in what­ever way with this project. Thanks, too, to the Saint John’s Foun­da­tion — and, through it, the memo­ri­als and other large gifts made by con­gre­ga­tion mem­bers past and present — for mak­ing it possible.

The mis­sion of the Foun­da­tion is to receive gifts, memo­ri­als, insur­ance pro­ceeds, stock and other finan­cial doc­u­ments in order to pro­vide funds for needed projects and mis­sions within the Church.