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Meeting called to order at 6:04pm in the Large Fellowship Hall. Pastor read from a daily devotional by Higher Things on Galatians 3.

Jim Bernecker moved that the minutes from the August 9th, 2022, meeting be approved as circulated. Dr. Marschke seconded the motion and it passed.

Pastor noted average weekly attendance in August hovered around 100 people per week. There was a single official act performed during the month of August, which was the membership transfer of Ingrid Garofolo from St. John Lutheran in Lake Charles, LA.

Monthly income in August well exceeded expenses, however much of this was due to the preschool contributing extraordinary funds this month, which are listed in the profit and loss under Preschool Tuition and Grants/Projects. The current fiscal year budget deficit is now about $13,950.

Dr. Robert Marschke reported the preschool is doing well. The morning classes are completely filled, and the total enrollment is 30 children. There are also some children on a waiting list. There are two projects that will need funding consideration in the near future, which include a bathroom remodel and a playground equipment upgrade. It was noted the current playground equipment still receives positive reviews from inspectors so the need for this project is not urgent. The group believes the bathroom project should have priority.

Tom is working to organize a Trustees workday on September 24th to take care of a number of tasks around the property that need closure. Tom also mentioned the city has treated some of the ash trees that are on the property for protection from the emerald ash borer. However, there are a number of trees that remain on the property that were not treated. Tom has procured estimates to treat the remaining trees, which would cost approximately $500 to $1,000 every two years. He is pursuing an additional quotation from another company. Tom confirmed the eligible staff have made a healthcare plan decision to remain on the current plan option as opposed to trying a new option this year as discussed as a possibility in a previous meeting. Tom also provided information on the preschool bathroom remodel estimate he has obtained. He is approaching the Trustees to look for additional bids on the project. Finally, Tom reported he has prepared Board expense worksheets for the board liaisons in preparation for FY23 budget planning. He distributed the worksheets during the meeting, and he hopes to have those back by the end of this month.

The council discussed dates for the November congregation meeting and agreed the meeting shall be on Sunday, November 12th, 2022. The election committee members were discussed. Jim and Grant agreed to serve as the council members on the election board. Dale agreed to serve as the at-large member of the committee. And Pastor Nettleton agreed to reach out to a few board chair members to seek their participation.

Tom has officially submitted his letter of resignation, which will be effective October 2nd, 2022. It is with much sadness that the council discussed a staffing transition committee and the members who may participate. While the bylaws state the Council shall work with the Board of Human Resources to address all called and non-called staffing, this will not be possible as there is not presently an operational Board of Human Resources.

In lieu of a Board of Human Resources, Dr. Robert Marschke moved to form a staffing transition committee accountable to identify and recommend a suitable replacement or replacements. Such a committee shall review the recommendations with the Council and obtain Council approval prior to any making any offers of employment. Jim seconded the motion and the motion carried. Pastor Nettleton agreed to organize the members of the newly chartered transition team.

The week following the Council meeting Pastor Nettleton was approached via email from a young entrepreneur seeking to create a Lutheran based Christian board game. His request was for the approval to use an image of Saint John's in the materials. An email was circulated to the Council and all responding members approved of the request. Pastor Nettleton will follow up with the individual and provide closure.

Congregational restructuring was discussed. Engaged committee members have now been identified and they will soon begin working on reviews of the current constitutional and by-law material.

Sabbatical planning was also briefly discussed, and it is the hope of the Council that there will be a sabbatical committee update next month.

The Foundation has agreed to pay for the landscaping work on the south side of the building that was discussed at the last Council meeting. It is uncertain as to what full scope or schedule of the work is at this time. The Trustees will work to follow up with the engaged members of the Foundation and report additional details to the Council next month.

There were not any open agenda items to be addressed. The dates of the next Council meetings are October 11th and November 8th.

The meeting adjourned at 7:14pm with everyone standing for the Lord's Prayer.