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The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM in the Large Fellowship Hall. Most attendees participated in-person, with two connected via Google Meet. Pastor Nettleton read Psalm 1, the Psalm for Sunday, June 13, and led an opening prayer. The minutes from the May 11, 2021, meeting were approved as circulated. Pastor Nettleton reviewed the April and May Official Acts. Attendance continues to increase post-COVID, with the record so far 164 for confirmation Sunday. In April, Elise Edelberg and her son Ezra were released from membership to join Our Savior’s Lutheran. We had two baptisms in May, youth Cooper Domanik and infant Edison Yee. Leanna Leibrandt requested a transfer following her move to Nebraska. Nelly Sanford was released from membership to join Our Savior’s Lutheran. We had a great class of seven confirmands this year. Eric reviewed the May financials, noting income is greater than expenses both month- and year-to-date, with offerings right at 100% of budget and no unexpected expenses.

There were no Board Reports.

Parish Administrator’s Report

Tom reported that Jeannie Benson, Saint John’s accountant, has taken on bookkeeping for Saint John’s Foundation. Ross Shaw is looking to step down from his role as Foundation Board treasurer after many years of service. The Foundation Board asked if staff could take on that portion of the treasurer’s duties; we are in the midst of the transition now. Tom explained this will not affect the church’s books; the two organizations’ records will be kept separate. All financial and money-handling controls in place for the church will also be in-place for the Foundation.

Tom also gave an update on the recycled asphalt parking area. Our neighbors at 304 Garfield were finally able to get their sod installed late last week. Tom spoke to the owner of the landscaping/excavation company, who said they would take care of putting down new recycled asphalt and otherwise cleaning up the area after tearing it up with their equipment. Tom will continue to follow-up with the company and keep Council apprised of progress via email.

Old Business

Dale summarized the decisions on outside groups made at the May Council meeting. Council was meant to update the decisions as needed in August, but Tom requested an earlier review since the state and county lifted coronavirus restrictions for the area just after that meeting. After some discussion, Council agreed to keep the fifteen-person restriction but allow masks to be optional.

Council reviewed a plan for new landscaping for the area east of the south church entrance. The plan was prepared by Summit Lawn and Landscape and approved by the Architectural Review Committee in 2018. An anonymous donor has offered to pay for the landscaping. Discussion about the project followed. Motion to approve the plan and move forward with the project made by Jim. Second by Grant. Motion passed with a voice vote.

New Business

Saint John’s is the beneficiary of two generous gifts bequeathed by + Clara Alley in her estate. Among gifts itemized in her will, Clara left money specifically for making improvements to Saint John’s sound system. She also directed money left in the estate after other such itemized items be split between Saint John’s and several other churches/organizations. The estate has been settled and we are in receipt of these gifts. Pastor Nettleton moved that the money not earmarked for sound system improvements be transferred to Saint John’s Foundation. Motion passed by a voice vote.

Open Agenda Items

Dale reminded Council there is no July meeting, and noted that we will plan to meet in-person only beginning with the August 10 meeting. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM with everyone standing for the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.