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The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. Pastor Nettleton opened with a devotion from the “Behold the Man” Lenten devotional book. The March minutes were approved as written. There were no official acts for March. Average attendance for March was down due to some cold Sundays and daylight savings. Ash Wednesday had good attendance. We had a few more quarterly and annual expenses that came in in March. But, even with attendance down, we brought in 108% of our budgeted income. Still down for the year $3,942.

Board Reports

  • Campus Ministry: On hold for monthly events due to Lent and the end of school year, but still doing weekly bible studies.
  • Children’s Ministry: Children are singing for Palm Sunday. There are still a few volunteer openings for the New Life Festival.
  • Fellowship: Eat and Greet potluck was last Sunday with 35 in attendance. The last Eat and Greet for the spring will be May 5. Faith day at the Rockies will be August 18; we will start advertising after Easter.
  • Finance: Currently our electric bill is much higher than our gas bill. Looking into how we may be able to cut electricity costs, particularly on Sunday mornings.
  • Preschool: Will be helping with the New Life Festival. May will be a busy month for them with Mother’s Day events and graduation! Fall registration has thirty students for morning classes and about five students for an afternoon class.
  • Trustees: Leon is looking for someone to take his place as board chair. Will schedule a Spring clean-up.
  • Youth: Went bowling at the end of March. Potentially scheduling another event at the end of April.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Health Insurance: Had to make a health insurance change. We applied for an exception to switch back to original plan which was accepted and will go in effect soon. Will cost about $1,700 more than budgeted by the end of the year. Don made a motion to approve the change in health insurance; Jeremy seconded. Discussion followed. Motion carried.

Old Business

  • Boiler update: All parts are on site except the boilers: Tra Mar will keep these in their facility because moving them requires a gantry crane. We will check to see if there are any preparations we need to do before the replacement begins. Will find a temporary office space for Kandy for the the summer.
  • Congregation Structure: Pastor Nettleton handed out a summary of the current and future state as designed by the restructure committee with the provisions made at the last Council meeting highlighting board consolidation. Discussion followed. Discussion about the Foundation and how, as a separate legal entity from the church, it needs to function autonomously. There is no representation on Council by the Foundation, but they would still report to Council and can directly to the congregation. Don made a motion to amend the authorization to the congregation structure motion made at the March 12, 2019, Council meeting by removing the phrase “placement of the Foundation is yet to be determined”; Zach seconded; motion carried. For the Spring Congregation meeting, we would like to have Pastor Nettleton give a synopsis about the intent of this restructure and why it was done. We will present to the congregation the structural change of the Council and inform them there will be a period of time when the way the Council and structure operates does not match what is written in the constitution and bylaws. We will have a motion from Council to ask for Congregation approval of the proposed Council structure and permission to move forward with the board consolidation. If the congregation allows us to move forward, we would like to be able to present the new board structure to the congregation at the Fall Congregation meeting and the Board of Elders change at the 2020 Spring Congregation meeting.

New Business

  • Spring Congregation Meeting: Will be April 28 after Confirmation Trivia. We will provide food. We will do written board reports with contact information for liaison and board chairperson.
  • Garden Update: The Garden is getting to the final stages and we are looking to dedicate it at the end of June.
  • LCMS Synodical Convention: Pastor Nettleton has been asked to be a circuit representative and voting delegate for the upcoming convention. This is held July 20–25 in Tampa, Florida.

Open Agenda Items

  • Filling Secretary Position: Don made a motion to approve Fred Hartmeister as the new secretary to fill Sam’s vacancy beginning in May; Sue seconded. Discussion followed. Motion carried.

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 8:05 PM.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.