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Eric made a motion to approve the June minutes as written; Grant seconded; motion carried. Pastor Nettleton reported that there were no official acts for June or July. Attendance has been low for summer. Nancy reported that the biggest expense in June was the AC unit, and we came in $5,000 under budget for that project. Income for the month was low. For June we are down about $13,000 and ended the month down about $18,000 for the year. July income was still down, even with five Sundays. We paid for installation of new low-flow toilets we received for free from a City of Fort Collins incentive program. At the end of July we were down about $1,000; about $19,000 for the year.

Board Reports

  • Campus Ministry: The back-to-school barbecue is this Sunday, August 19, at 12:30 PM here at Saint John's. We are partnering with Peace with Christ again this year. Plans are in the works for evening meals and prayer services for the college youth. The board meets Wednesday night this week for next steps.
  • Elderberries: Going to a Rockies game next week. Will be meeting in September to discuss upcoming plans and decide if they will continue to meet due to low attendance.
  • Fellowship: Nothing to report.
  • Finance: Nothing to report.
  • Human Needs: The Laurel school supply drive is just finishing for those eighteen students and the supplies will be dispersed next week.
  • Human Resources: Nothing to report.
  • Lay Ministry: Nothing to report.
  • Outreach: There is a speaker coming on September 28th and a one-day conference on September 29th
  • Parish Education: Nothing to report.
  • Preschool: Tonight is back-to-school night. The board has updated the parent handbook. There have been several changes to the classroom this year, including new furniture and wall paintings.
  • Trustees: Are looking into recruiting some 4-H groups to help with future fall/spring clean-ups.
  • Worship: Nothing to report.
  • Youth: No activities for the summer. Will reconvene soon to plan youth activities during the school year.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • 2018 Budget Planning: Boards will be asked to prepare their budget requests in September.
  • Elevator: Had an inspection and fire safety inspection completed.
  • Playground: The Trustees will be cleaning up and painting the playground equipment.
  • Attic Cleaning: September 22nd will be an attic clean-up day to gather all of the various groups who use the attic and get everyone to organize their areas.

Old Business

  • Boiler Proposal: Eric has received three bids ranging from $89,000 to $146,000. He suggested going with the company Tra Mar, which came in with the lowest bid. The project will take seven weeks to complete. Should this require a capital campaign for the congregation, a special congregation meeting will have to be scheduled. Considering the time frame of this project, Eric suggests that it may be best to wait to complete the project until spring, to avoid any unexpectedly cold Fall mornings. Eric will continue working with Tra Mar to see if we can get parts ordered now for installation in the spring. This is also a favorable option because if something were to happen over the winter, we would at least have parts here and ready to install. This would require approximately 30% of the money as a down payment, another 30% when the parts get here, and the remaining cost for installation. Nancy noted that Thrivent Choice dollars may be able to help with this. Nancy made a motion to support Eric’s suggestion and use Tra Mar as the company to replace the boiler pending congregation approval; Grant seconded. Discussion followed. Motion carried. Don suggested having a special congregation meeting before the November congregation meeting to lay out the business plan. We would like a “go” or “no go” decision from the congregation before November. The Board of Finance will confer with the Foundation Board and prepare a list of funding options for the remaining balance. A committee (Eric, Chuck, Nancy and Don) will prepare a proposal for the congregation meeting. At the next Council meeting we will determine timing for a special congregation meeting and have a clear direction of how we want to present this to the congregation.
  • Facility-Use Policy: The new policy was approved at the March 2018 Council meeting, however Council requested that an attorney look over the policy. Tom will take care of this.
  • Congregation Structure Taskforce: Have been meeting, but nothing yet to present to Council.
  • Radon Update: We have a radon issue in some of the areas in the lower level of the church building we would like to get it mitigated. This may be something that we can address when we replace the boiler.

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:35 PM.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.