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Official Acts

November 2015: Transferred in two members from Peace With Christ and transferred out one member. Had good attendance.

December 2015: Transferred in three members from Peace With Christ, confirmed three adults, two members by affirmation of faith, had one baptism, and one memorial service.

Treasurer’s Report

December was $4,700 in the black; ended the year $1,089 in the red. Still waiting for insurance issue to be resolved with the organ; this would put us at +$1,500 for the year. Extra expenses in December included snow removal, new member reception, and Christmas supplies. No red flags. Bruce motioned to approve, Zach seconded, motion passed.

Board Reports

Fellowship: Thrivent thank-you party was in lieu of Eat and Greet Potluck in December. Good attendance for January Eat and Greet Potluck. Next Potluck is February 7. Sue is planning for Lenten meals.

Human Needs: Positive response from the congregation for the Giving Tree this year. Heseders met in December and discussed going back to Peru this summer and possibilities for an Africa trip. For a local mission we have reserved fifty spots for Saint John’s at the next Slammin’ Famine. There is a new Pastor at the Wind River Reservation. We will reach out to him and see how we can support his efforts. Fundraisers for the year include the garage sale and possibly a craft fair in the fall.

Preschool: Met earlier today. Will be attending an upcoming preschool fair at the Lincoln Center. Hosting an open house in February and expect about fifteen students for the upcoming semester.

Trustees: Met in December. Took down ceiling tiles in Food and Clothing Bank replaced with drywall. Thanks to Tim for all the drywall work. Two new oak benches in Welcome Center Area built by Centennial High School. Fall cleanup went well on November 14. Grant and Eric will look into taking apart and cleaning the skylight in Welcome Center. Zach has asked that the Trustees come up with a way to “mark” the stairs in the balcony to alleviate the trip hazard.

Worship: Met earlier today. Are thinking to put an ad in Lutheran Witness to try to get rid of old Lutheran Worship hymnals. Pete is looking into extending shelves that hold the new hymnals.

Parish Administrator’s Report

Coffee Maker: Our current machine is failing and are considering purchasing a new one. An equivalent system will be about $2,500 and would like to use money from Dorothy Hill estate. Nancy will follow-up with a friend who might have one to donate and will let Tom know what she finds out. Tom will pursue pricing and specific options.

Boy Scouts: As of December 1, 2015 LCMS has withdrawn their memorandum of understanding with Boy Scouts of America. Saint John’s needs to look into the legal ramifications of continuing to charter Troop 96. We’ve currently signed the charter for 2016 which we can renege at any time.

Old Business

Memorial Garden: Approved at November Congregational Meeting to move forward with planning. Anonymous donor offered $6,000 for construction drawings. Meeting with architect this week to get started. Bruce suggested meeting with members who have reservations.

Wente Estate: Received copies of mineral deeds to release funds. We should be getting our funds by next week and will go to the Foundation. Next step is to go to court to find out how else we can use the funds.

New Business

2016 Executive Committee: Consists of President Ron Young, Vice President Bruce Bachman, Secretary Sam Gardner, Treasurer Nancy Behm, and Council Member RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer.

Constitution and Bylaws Update: Should be updated this year.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.