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Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM. Joel and Pastor Nettleton opened with prayer. Zach motioned to approve the minutes, Jo seconded. Motion carried. No Official Acts for May. Decent attendance despite summer break. No red flags in treasurer’s report. Had some extra income from rental of the parking lot to Best Western. We are up $1,633 for the month and still in the black for the year. Tim motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Joel seconded. Motion carried.

Board Reports

Campus Ministry: Nothing to report.

Children’s Ministry: VBS starts next week and will be 9:00 AM to Noon, Monday through Thursday. Volunteers are coming together.

Fellowship: Church picnic will be August 14. Rockies Faith day is August 7.

Finance: Met on Monday. Nothing to report.

Human Needs: Bottle campaign is going and will finish this Sunday. The garage sale made about $4,300. The Watoto choir event went really well; thanks to Pastor and Nelly Sanford for their hard work and planning. Also, thanks to all of the host families.

Lay Ministry: Nothing to report.

Outreach: Nothing to report. Next meeting is in August

Parish Education: Did not meet. Nothing to report.

Preschool: Did not meet. Sent out a questionnaire to student’s parents and Council about the idea of a rebranding. Waiting for more replies to know what direction they should go. Will return to Council with any proposals.

Trustees: Will be meeting on Sunday. Eric will discuss items mentioned at last Council meeting.

Worship: Has not met.

Youth: Nothing to report.

Parish Administrator’s Report

Eagle Scout Project: A scout from troop that meets at Saint John’s is doing a small book exchange stand in different parts of the community for an Eagle Scout project. He is looking for potential places to put these stands and asked about using our property. Although there is outreach potential, Council feels that is may not be appropriate for a church property.

Neighbor’s Construction: Has drawn up a contract including our contingencies. Ron will have our attorney review the contract before we agree to it.

AC Unit: Pryor installed the new unit and everything is functioning.

Fence fixing: Fence on the east side of the parking lot has been fixed with Thrivent money.

Old Business

Wente Estate: Received another check but have no new information.

Open Agenda Items

Nikolai’s Ordination: Thanks to all of the helping hands and to the number of pastors that came to support Nikolai.

July Meeting: Council has agreed to not meet in July due to the number of absentees and little major Church activity.

Zach Knows a Guy: There’s a couple starting a business running a food truck called Ellie’s food service. Their business helps support kids with disabilities. The wife was confirmed here at Saint John’s and would like us to consider them if we would like food at an event.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.