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Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM with a devotion on Revelations and All Saints Sunday. The minutes were approved with several minor adjustments. Motion carried. No official acts for October. Attendance is up from September and is in-line with past years’ attendance. The Circuit Reformation Service was well-attended and we received a lot of positive feedback. Total offerings have been down for October leaving us in the red about $500 for the month. We are down about $3,000 for the year. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Board Reports

  • Campus Ministry: Nothing to report.
  • Children’s Ministry: Things are running smoothly and we are starting to plan for the Christmas program.
  • Finance: Have been reviewing 2018 budget.
  • Human Resources: Nothing to report.
  • Lay Ministry: Nothing to report.
  • Outreach: Nothing to report.
  • Preschool: Have had a few field trips and visits. Kids are really enjoying the new Music Mondays. There has been a staff change resulting in hiring a new aide. Upcoming events include Thanksgiving feast, Christmas program and bake sale.
  • Trustees: Fall clean up went well. Have gotten a lower estimate ($9,700) for the broken sanctuary AC unit.
  • Worship: Nothing to report.
  • Youth: Flyers are out for events through May. The youth will meet with youth from Peace With Christ to make care packages for both congregations’ college students.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Post-Christmas Office Schedule: Planning to close the office December 25 and 26.

Old Business

  • 2018 Budget Review: Council given a revised draft that reflects the changes suggested last meeting. Council will submit budget as presented to the congregation for approval.
  • Nomination Committee report: Candidates for officers are as follows—President: Dale Walters (one-year term); Vice President: Don Gibbons; Secretary: Sam Gardner. There are three open council positions and the candidates will be Jim Bernecker, Kimberly Pepmiller and Stephen Maffett. Eric will resign his current seat to, if elected, fill the remainder of the term for Joel Sanford (one year). As in previous years, Council agrees to allow each position to run unopposed with the opportunity for nominations from the floor at the Congregation Meeting.
  • Review Letter to Boy Scout Troop 96: At the April 2017 Congregation Meeting, it was decided to discontinue our charter with Boy Scout Troop 96 in 2018. Bruce drafted a letter to give the Troop leader. This letter was presented to Council. Discussion followed. With minimal changes, Council approved the letter.

New Business

  • Board of Older Adult Ministries Charter: The board has updated their charter and would like Council to approve the revised document which was given to Council. Discussion followed. Council approved.
  • Request from Board of Human Needs: The Board of Human Needs requested a $2,000 budget for 2018 to go toward a $5,000 matching funds challenge from the Foundation for the Lutheran seminary in Uganda. Council recommends that the Foundation remove the matching fund requirement and instead give the $5,000 with the opportunity for individuals to supplement the donation with their own gifts. This proposal and recommendation will be discussed at the congregation meeting in the context of all of the outside ministries that Saint John’s has the opportunity to support.
  • Review of Ministries and Their Boards: Saint John’s has a number of ministries, but it is not always clear which board they belong to. Tom gave Council a list of the boards with their various ministry assignments. Council agreed with the chart.
  • Congregation Meeting: We will plan to have written/printed board reports for Fall Congregation Meetings and spoken reports for the Spring Congregation Meetings. A draft agenda for the Congregation Meeting was given to Council and approved.

Open Agenda Items

  • Safety Concerns: Due to recent events, Pastor Nettleton will be meeting with the ushers to discuss safety plans during services. These plans will be relayed back to Council. The staff decided that the south doors of the building will remain locked during preschool hours.

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:30 PM.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.