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The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm and Pastor Nettleton opened with a Lenten devotion. The minutes were approved as written. Attendance has been up a little bit this year over last year. Received John and Elizabeth Barker by way of transfer. Baptism of Felecia Hart on the tenth. We held funerals for Charles “Chuck” Schneider and Carl Ahlbrandt. The adult bible class covering the Large Catechism has been well-attended. Still down on income by about $5,100—our income is only 88% of budget. We had an unusually high gas bill in February and some annual expenses.

Board Reports

  • Children’s Ministry: Starting New Life Festival preparations. Would like to get each board involved at a center at the festival.
  • Elderberries: Should have a board meeting tomorrow depending on the weather.
  • Fellowship: Moving through Lenten meals and may cancel dinner tomorrow night depending on the weather.
  • Human Needs: Currently seeking new chairperson and Bruce Bachman made an announcement Sunday encouraging the congregation to consider filling this role or serving on the board. Have been discussing upcoming projects and how we can better promote projects to the congregation.
  • Preschool: Now have 33 students enrolled for next year. There are a few students interested in an afternoon class but we need a few more to reach the break-even point. There was a discussion about aligning our calendar with the Poudre School District calendar including teacher workdays.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Review of Snow Closure Guidelines: Preschool and Confirmation classes follow Poudre School District closures. The Office follows the City of Fort Collins offices. If a worship service is canceled, the congregation would be notified by phone. If just a Lenten meal is cancelled but there will still be a service, it will only appear on the website. The website will always be up to date with all church closures and cancellations.

Old Business

  • Boiler Update: Eric talked to Tra Mar and they should be delivering parts on Friday depending on the weather. Should be cutting a check for the second installment this week.
  • Congregation Restructure: A handout was given to Council written by Don that provides some insight as to why Council is looking to restructure as well as providing information from LCMS and Colorado governances concerning non-profits. Don pointed out that to abide by Colorado non-profit governances, the new structure must have the Treasurer as a separate position and cannot be the church accountant as suggested by the restructure committee. Discussion followed. Jeremy made a motion to approve the structure as follows: Pastor and congregation on the same level. Below the congregation is the Council. The Council consists of President, Vice President, treasurer, secretary, head elder, and two to four members at large. Under the Council is the board of Elders and the various boards. Grant seconded. Hand vote was taken and passed unanimously. Dale and Don would like Council to come to the next meeting with a definition of “board” and “committee” and be able to say how these entities should work with Council.
  • LCMS Foundation Presentation: A representative from the LCMS Foundation will be coming to give Council a presentation hopefully at the May Council meeting. Should we agree to utilize their services, it would be a year-long contract. The LCMS foundation is much like our Foundation and provides services in estate planning and money management. Our Foundation agreed to pay for this service contract for the first year.

New Business

  • Appointment of Secretary to Succeed Sam’s Position: Sam’s term ends at the end of 2019 and we need someone to fill the vacancy until a new secretary can be elected. Council agreed that Fred Hartmeister (a Council member candidate from 2018) would be a good successor. Pastor and/or Dale will contact Fred to ask if he would be willing to fill the vacant Secretarial position.
  • Spring Congregation Meeting: Scheduled for 11:30 on April 28 after Confirmation trivia.

The meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM with the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.