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The meeting was called to order at 6:05. Minutes approved as corrected.

Official Acts

There was a baptism in February. There were a few transfers in March: two members from Peace with Christ and one from Redeemer. Attendance has been good through February and March. Easter attendance was about the same as last year.

Treasurer’s Report

No big red flags. A few additional expenses through the Easter season but nothing shocking. We are in the red by $132 for the month and up $2,700 for the year. Our biggest upcoming expense will be an air conditioning unit for the sanctuary, but we have budgeted for it. Eric motioned to approve. Bruce seconded. Motion carried.

Board Reports

Campus Ministry: Things are going well. There will be year-end-retreat in Estes.

Elderberries: Maundy Thursday dinner went well and are continuing the third Thursday potlucks.

Fellowship: April Eat-and-Greet had fewer in attendance. There will be one last potluck in May before taking a break for the summer months. Planning for Faith day is under way and will be advertising soon. Planning to have a church picnic in August.

Finance: No red flags. Things look good.

Human Needs: Has not met.

Human Resources: Has not met, but nothing to report.

Lay Ministry: Nothing to report but will meet Saturday.

Outreach: Nothing to report but will meet Thursday.

Trustees: Met last Sunday. Church cleanup will be April 23. Looking into getting a new range for the kitchen. We have a hot water machine to be installed next to the new coffee maker.

Worship: Has not met.

Youth: Nothing to report.

Parish Administrator’s Report

Request from neighbor: A neighbor would like to build an addition and is asking if he can have access his property through our parking lot. The project would involve removing a few trees and taking down the fence on the southeast side of the parking lot. He would rebuild the fence, repair any damage to the asphalt and curb, and re-sod the area at his expense. He would have it cleared for Sundays and any other times at our request. Council agrees, pending the approval of a contract with him and documenting the starting condition of our property.

Stock shares: We currently have $14K in stock shares that is under the management of Council. The Board would like to have these placed under the management of the Foundation. Eric made a motion to allow the funds to be managed by the Foundation. Tim seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business

Memorial garden: There will be a presentation about the garden at the congregation meeting. Topics to be discussed include names, design plans, funding and any concerns or questions from the congregation. The construction drawings have been sent to four companies and we are awaiting their estimates, so will not have numbers to give the congregation. The committee will meet once bids are in. Without the financials in order, we will not have a congregation vote on the matter.

Wente estate: Still waiting for a check and will continue to investigate. Will give an update to the congregation at congregation meeting.

Congregation meeting: Each board will give a short report this Sunday and will provide sandwiches.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.