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The meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM. Pastor Nettleton focused his devotional on Matthew 5 and the relationship between our being both the salt of the earth and light of the world through Jesus. The devotion was followed by prayer. The minutes for the January 14 meeting were approved following correction to show Eric Gardner in attendance and Zach Stephens as a non-attendee. Pastor Nettleton noted in the Official Acts the reinstatement and affirmation of faith of Linda Schneider. He also mentioned the favorable attendance figures in January. In the Treasurer’s report Eric indicated that January’s revenue was 73% of the budget target. In tracking gas and electricity usage and expenditures he also highlighted the sizeable savings in the year-to-year comparison gas bill despite the colder weather. As in prior months this savings is attributed at least in part to the installation of the new boiler system. Eric and Tom also discussed an “offering projection chart” that Tom had prepared using figures from the past five years.

Board Reports

  • Jill reported on the Fellowship Board’s purchase of tickets for a Rockies game next summer and plans to provide Lenten service meals beginning soon.
  • Kimberly provided an update on a youth bowling outing, the Feed My Starving Children dinner and plans for campus student meals.
  • Dorothy report on behalf of the Parish Education Board highlighted the availability of pamphlets and Bible reading materials available for Congregation members and guests.
  • Stephen noted that the Preschool Board had just met prior to the Council meeting. A recent open house was held with eight families in attendance resulting in three new registrants. The preschool appeals to be nearly fully enrolled for morning classes 2020–21. There will be a Mother’s Day tea on May 8 as well as a graduation ceremony the same month.
  • Grant reported on the Trustees having met recently and that they are looking at the need to mount a TV bracket, the serviceability of several doors and a drain in the kitchen, 24/7 lighting issues and an exterior drainage issue on the north side of the facility.
  • Jim’s Human Needs report highlighted the involvement of 26 Congregational volunteers in the Matthew’s dinner being held concurrently for 135+ participants at First Presbyterian church. Volunteer activities included helping prepare and serve the meal as well as making Valentines, decorating and baking cupcakes and cookies.
  • Eric mentioned the upcoming Resurrection Workshop and Pastor added that approximately 25 participants are expected.
  • In June’s absence Tom reported that the Elderberries are scheduled to meet on February 12.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Tom discussed his attendance at a recent workshop hosted but the City of Fort Collins focusing on water and energy usage by mid-sized entities like Saint John’s. It appears that we are scheduled to receive an Energy Star score from the city after we submit data re: our water, gas and electrical usage.

Old Business

  • The council continued discussing the congregational restructuring process. For the benefit of the new Council members Pastor Nettleton provided background dating back to 2014, Congregational bylaws and efforts to address various inefficiencies and accountability concerns. A one-page “snapshot” that was developed by a restructuring taskforce centers on the prospect of utilizing a smaller Council and the consolidation of several current Boards. The biggest change that is expected to evolve from the restructuring process will be the creation of a Lay Elder Board. In keeping with this theme Pastor will be providing an update on “Why Lay Elders?” as the primary topic of discussion related to restructuring at the March Council meeting.
  • As a second item of old business the Council also discussed the need to revisit current policies and practices surrounding church security.

New Business

  • Pastor Nettleton provided Council with an overview of his participation in the second of a three-part Doxology program occurring over the course of the current church year. Lay minister Kevin Seiler attended the most recent workshop with him in Indiana where the two engaged in ten separate ninety-minute sessions over a two-day period. Featured topics included church building, stewardship, suicide prevention, the “view from the pew,” and pastoral care for both the congregation and self.

The meeting closed at 7:42 PM with Council members standing and saying the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.