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The meeting was called to order at 6:07 PM. Pastor Nettleton opened with a devotion and prayer.

Jim Bernecker moved to approve the June Council meeting minutes with a correction to the Elderberries Rockies game date. Second by June. Motion passed. Pastor Nettleton reported that June attendance was higher than previous years. The baptism of Sam Gardner’s son, Corwin, was June 9. The June 30 Garden Dedication was nicely attended. Eric reported that June’s giving was at 96% of budget, keeping year-to-date income $10,000 short of expenses.

Board Reports

  • Human Needs: The board is preparing for the Laurel School supplies and backpacks project.
  • Trustees: Leon Knox and Grant trimmed some shrubs. Don and Eric painted the boiler room.

Parish Administrator’s Report

  • Preschool Restroom Project: The Trustees reviewed and recommended proceeding on the project to update the old women’s-room to a dedicated preschool restroom. He is seeking bids for the project.
  • Front Step of Chancel: Tom requested advice on whether/how to proceed with resurfacing the front of the chancel. We have a $3,000 bid to replace carpet with cherry. Discussion; Tom will follow up on ideas.

Old Business

  • Boiler: Eric reported the boiler had to be removed by an asbestos abatement company, adding $4,800 to the project cost, still within our contingency. Tra Mar will have the on-demand domestic hot water system, which will run at two temperatures—one for the sinks and the other for the warewasher—up this week. Eric expects the boiler to be installed within a month.
  • Ratify: Since the last meeting, Council approved via email a proposal from Tom seeking to designate Thrivent Choice Dollars received by the church between the funding of the boiler project and the completion of the boiler project ($3,494 as of May) for the boiler contingency and boiler-related projects; primarily, replacing the carpet in the Preschool Director’s office. Council ratified that decision.
  • Church Structure: Pastor Nettleton shared an illustration of the board structure approved last meeting. Jim and Pastor Nettleton presented draft purpose statements for Human Needs, Missions and Parish Education. Pastor Nettleton suggested developing a list of responsibilities for each board, and shared an example for Parish Education. Discussion followed. Those in attendance volunteered to draft lists for the remaining boards and email them when complete. Council will begin reviewing them next meeting.

New Business

  • Summer Meeting Schedule: No meeting in August. Regular schedule will resume September 10.

The meeting concluded at 7:33 PM with the Lord’s Prayer.

The thirteen members of the Church Council are the “Board of Directors” of the congregation, tasked with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.