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Well, here we are nearing the end of the school year. We hope to end on a good note here as we go through all our year end events, even though they will not look exactly like they normally do.

April started off with ocean week, followed by insect week, kindness/friendship parties and children around the world. We created a wonderful reading corner for ocean week complete with glowing jellyfish and whales swimming above our heads. Insect week was a fun week as we watched our caterpillars grow and grow each day until they hung as a chrysalis. Now we are just waiting for them to hatch into butterflies! Our kindness parties were days spent talking about kindness and friendship and how we can be a bucket filler or a bucket dipper. There is a great book that explains how this works and the kids love that book. It is a great visual for them to understand the concept. We also had parent teacher conferences which is a great time to brag on the kiddos and discuss their next transition to either the PreK class, or Kindergarten. The last week of the month was learning about Greece and Indonesia among other countries. We ate Greek food for snack and learned a fun Greek dance. The kids went home talking all about it. One of our families is from Indonesia, so they shared a lot of great information about it and now we all want to vacation there! The kids had fun telling us what their favorite animal was from Indonesia.

As we enter the end of the year, we are discussing the spring program, which will be virtual again. There are some good things that we have learned through this, though. We think recording it, even once COVID is not a problem anymore, is a great idea—it allows families to share it nationwide to family members who cannot attend here in person. We will also have our Mother’s Day Picnic this year. Instead of the “Tea” event, we are having an outdoor picnic for our moms. We are super excited to be able to do at least this for our moms again. We will release the butterflies too if they are completely ready and the weather is cooperating. The final event of course is graduation. We will once again do a drive-through graduation with an outdoor reception on the playground. It is going to be a great way to end the year.

We are glad that we have made it this far without any illness issues in our preschool. We will continue our diligence until the last day to maintain that track record. Before we know it, it will be time to start preparing for the fall kiddos to arrive!

Thank you all for your support of the preschool and we will be back for the last month report soon!

Stay safe, healthy and God Bless!

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or with any questions about the Preschool.