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Happy February everyone! Time continues to race by as I look at the calendar to see that we are only 4 weeks away from spring break!

After we had fun in January talking about all things winter, we launched February with Groundhog Day and shadows. The kids loved our shadow mystery activity in the classroom.

We also learned about nocturnal vs diurnal animals which was paired with a super cool science experiment where we dissected an owl pellet! The kids were super excited and amazed by this.

Of course, we also had our Valentine day parties, which were a blast. The kids really enjoyed themselves with games and crafts, and of course, handing out valentines to their friends.

We also enjoyed a week of Eric Carle books, and will finish the month with Dental week.

We are happy to finally announce that we are finished with the Colorado Shines Rating process. I spent many extra hours working on the paperwork that needed to be uploaded to the state site where they will now spend the month of February reviewing all our documents, photos, handbooks and other evidence that demonstrates the quality of our program. Thanks to Tom for all the extra help he gave to revise the Family and Staff Handbooks and update policies. This process has been long, but we have gained a lot of insight and improved the program in numerous ways. We now have a QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) that will be reviewed and updated annually. There will be a copy of it in the Parent Resource area by my office if anyone is interested in looking at it. Now we anxiously await the results. I certainly hope to have a good report for you next month!

Now that the rating work is done, we are working on next fall, so let others know enrollment is now open. Since we cannot do our Open House event like we normally do, we will instead do individual appointments and tours for families starting on February 16 and will continue all through the upcoming months. The normal process of past years would be us having a booth at the preschool fair, then having an Open House here where everyone can meet us and see the school in a casual group setting. Since the preschool fair is virtual this year, we have a piece on the Macaroni Kid Preschool and Kids’ Activity Guide along with a short video the staff did to show people our classroom and “meet” the teachers.

People can sign up for a tour on the Preschool website starting on February 16. Thank you to June Donaldson for providing a Thrivent Action card used to purchase small giveaways to each family who visits the program! I also did my first ever Virtual Tour of the preschool with a family who plans to move here in a few months from another state. They found us online and liked what they saw so a virtual tour from afar worked out great. There are many new ways of doing things these days!

We wish you all a happy upcoming first day of spring on March 20! It is hard to believe that the next newsletter I write will be arriving to you in the official season of spring! Stay well, healthy and warm until we get to those springtime days! God Bless!

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or with any questions about the Preschool.