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Happy New Year everyone! Just like most of you, we are all wondering how we are in the year of 2020! The joke around here is that we should be living like the cartoon “The Jetsons” from my childhood. Oh well, here we are in a new year, and we at Open Arms hope it’s been a good one for you so far.

With all the busy times here, it’s been a while since we have given an update!

In October, we had a lot of fun at our Halloween parties, thanks to some great moms planning a fabulous time for the kiddos. We went to the pumpkin patch and got lucky with the weather to have a beautiful, sunny, fall day. This is always a favorite field trip for all of us! October was also our first parent/teacher conferences, where we get to visit with each family one on one.

After that, it was time to launch into the Thanksgiving festivities. We learned about the first Thanksgiving, turkeys and family. Our favorite activity is popcorn day! Call us crazy, but we use a whirly-pop popper, put it in the middle of the classroom, so the kiddos can stand back and watch popcorn literally pop everywhere! The laughter and squeals of excitement are loud enough to hear all over the church on this day! This is one of the crazy things we do here that most parents would say, “don’t try this at home.” It does make a mess, but it’s worth it! Then we start prepping for the Thanksgiving feast by making pumpkin bread in the classroom. The kiddos crack the eggs, help us measure the ingredients, and pour it in and stir it up. They are always so proud of this on feast day when everyone is eating their treats! Then it’s off for our little Thanksgiving break to spend time with our families.

Thanksgiving fell a little later this year, so when we returned from the break, we had to jump right into Christmas activities, along with planning and practicing for our Christmas Program! We only had three weeks, which isn’t a lot of time to practice for the program when you are working with 39 little preschoolers! Of course, in the end, the program went great and the kids had a great time and parents got some wonderful photos. Part of our Christmas plans here are our assisted living/memory care facility visits. We chose two different ones to visit, and as always, the residents absolutely loved it! Our kiddos handed out little goody bags with a handmade ornament, a Chapstick and a little Christmas card from Open Arms in it. The people at the facilities think this is so great. It’s a wonderful way to get the kids out in the community, along with most parents attending, and giving things away instead of receiving. After our program this year, it was the last day of school which is always our Polar Express party! This is an absolute blast! Everyone wears their pajamas, we read the Gingerbread Man only to find that he has ran away, so we must go on a major hunt to find where his antics have taken him. The kids go crazy with excitement when we do this. They love getting to explore parts of the building they never would otherwise see. Once we find him, he becomes part of our snack time complete with popcorn and hot cocoa. We then sit in our “train cars” and watch a Christmas movie. This day is just so much fun for everyone who participates. We are always blessed with moms who are good sports and wear their pajamas with us! Then it’s off for everyone to enjoy their Christmas Break!

Now that we are back from the break, we are refreshed and excited to start a new year with new energy. We are talking about the north and south poles of the earth and learning about how the earth moves in space … this was a fun experiment in class. We are learning about hibernation, migration, forest animals, snow and snowmen and community helpers. We are hoping to get a field trip to the police station before the end of the month!

We will have a booth at the community Preschool Fair on Saturday, January 25. This is held at the Lincoln Center from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. If you know of anyone interested in preschool, have them find us there or call us for a classroom visit. We will be following the fair with an Open House in the classroom on February 6 from 5:30–7:30 PM. This is a chance to meet the staff and see the classroom and hear more about our program. As of now, we have only one opening for fall of 2020 in our Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning class for four-year-olds, but, as would be expected, we still have openings in our Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoon fours class and our Tuesday/Thursday three-year-olds morning class. Registration is open to current students and Saint John’s members through January 24, then it opens to the community. We’re already getting calls for visits, so make sure you get registered soon!

Of course, February will be full of Valentine’s fun and a lot of new learning opportunities! We are also working hard to prepare for our rating with Colorado Shines. We expect our rating month to be either March or April, so that will keep us busy. Time is already flying fast for us here at Open Arms!

Have a blessed and wonderful 2020!

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or with any questions about the Preschool.