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Here we are entering the beginning of our last month of the school year. It has been a whirlwind year filled with a lot of great memories and activities.

April has been about Ocean, Insects, Easter, Zoo and Garden, with jellyfish and octopus, butterflies and a planting project. We welcomed five caterpillars into the classroom, who grew fast into chrysalises. The kids love watching the daily changes. We will see them hatch into butterflies very soon! We will release the butterflies at our Mother’s Day Tea, which is always so fun. We had a great time coloring Easter Eggs and having Easter egg hunts in each class. After one of the eggs had been colored, hidden and then found, it was dropped. And guess what: the mom forgot to boil it! The look on the kids’ faces was priceless! We are one big family here and got good laughs out of it (including that mom!). That’s how we roll here … laughter is the best medicine! (How that raw egg made it through all those stages before it crashed is the surprising part!)

There was a Golden Egg winner in each class and we were so proud of how the other kiddos congratulated their friend who found the special treasure. I just love when we see that growth in the children where they are learning the importance of thinking of people other than themselves. Character development is a huge part of our program here at Open Arms and to see that maturity in these little ones is beyond heartwarming. I will share a short story of that. Some of you may know that my mom has been living with me since June last year, and we’ve had a lot of health issues, hospital stays and rehabilitation stays. I don’t talk to the kids about my mom, but their parents have told them about it in response to the kiddos’ questions. Anyway, our little Jackson said to me out of the blue one day, “Mrs. Wise, I’m really sorry that your mommy doesn’t feel well … but we will pray for her to get better.” Now if that doesn’t melt your heart! This is what makes this preschool so much more special than many. Our little staff considers ourselves so very blessed.

We have three big events remaining this school year:

  • Mother’s Day Tea: May 10 at noon. The more the merrier at this event. So many wonderful ladies of St John’s donated beautiful food items for the event last year and some also came to help us serve these young moms. I cannot tell you how special that was to have that level of help! The moms were so very thankful and blessed … there were literally tears of joy on that day because of how special the moms felt. We plan for it to be even more special this year and would love any help anyone wants to give. It will be a packed house with thirty moms (plus a few grandmothers) and thirty students. Let me or Tom know if you’d like to jump in! I guarantee a fun and heartwarming time.
  • Spring Program: May 16, 6:30 pm.
  • Graduation: Last day of school, May 24, morning and afternoon.

    Remember how sweet little Jackson was about my mom? Well, he is just one example of the amazing families here who are going to all lengths to help me, Jessica and Lani as we navigate the busiest time of our year amongst the difficult emotions now that my mom has gone to join my dad, my sister and countless friends and family in Heaven. I am so sad that she will not be here to attend the Mother’s Day Tea, but I’m grateful she was here to share one a couple of years ago. She worked hard to help us get ready for the school year last fall and has always been my rock. I already miss her terribly and it will be a big adjustment for my family. As I write this, we are traveling to Oklahoma where mom will be buried next to my dad and sister. I cannot thank Saint John’s enough for supporting Open Arms through many changes and growth these last few years. The blessings that come in and out of this preschool reminds us why we love this so much.

    Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about the Preschool.