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We here at Open Arms hope you have had a great start to 2019! As always, I ask myself how we are already halfway through February!

January was filled with learning about winter weather, hibernation, the polar regions, penguins, Martin Luther King, community helpers, doctors and, of course, snowmen! As a tradition in our classroom, we fill our sensory bin with water beads to resemble ice, along with toy penguins when we talk about the polar regions. This activity is always> a hit with the kids. We talked a lot about character and kindness during our discussion about MLK and all about safety during community helper week. Police Day was Monday, February 25. Officer Dane Stratton, Emma-Jean’s dad, was here with his car, but also brought the K9 Unit and the SWAT vehicle! I was as excited as the kids about this one! Now let’s just hope they don’t have an emergency that takes them away too quickly. So if you saw all those emergency vehicles at the church at one time, you now know there is no need for concern! A big thank you to Dane for doing this … it’s not easy to line all of those people up at the same time so we are so very grateful!

Our Bible stories have been David and Goliath, Samuel Listens to God, and Daniel in the Lion’s Den, where we learned about faith in God and knowing He will watch over us and take care of our needs. We have a new Bible story each week and by the end of each week the kids can tell the story during circle time all by themselves. I just love how they pick up these stories and absorb them. We have a great children’s Bible that comes with a CD to tell the stories with all of the great sound effects.

As we moved into February, we talked about heart health. We did an activity that taught us about our circulatory system and how important it is to take good care of our hearts. The kids also thoroughly enjoyed listening to their hearts with a stethoscope just like the doctor has. We listened to our hearts at rest and again after jumping around for a couple of minutes. The kiddos got a kick out of that! We also learned about the five senses and, of course, Valentine’s Day. We have more fun coming up during February with a fun field trip to the museum! I will report on that in the next month’s newsletter, but do anticipate a great day of fun!

We had a booth at the Preschool Fair and had our Open House recently. As of this writing, we have 32 students enrolled for the fall with more calls and email inquiries coming in. Our three-year-old class on Tuesday and Thursday is full with a waiting list, and our morning Pre-K class has only one opening left. Our afternoon Pre-K class still has twelve openings at this time. The growth we have seen in this program has been so exciting! We continue to pursue our Colorado Shines rating which is planned for October. This has been a lot of work for our staff, but has also given us many ideas to consider and think through as it pertains to our program. We have been blessed with a substantial amount of grant money through the state which has allowed us to improve and update a number of things in the classroom.

Now, as I anticipate the time to continue flying by, I would like to invite you all to our Spring Program that will be held on Thursday, May 16. We also have our Mother’s Day Tea scheduled for Friday, May 10. We were so humbled and blessed by those of you who prepared delicious food for this event last year, and even more blessed by ladies who came to help our staff serve the mothers, aunts, grandmothers and children. We will have one large Mother’s Day Tea for both Pre-K classes, which will be a minimum of sixty people! If grandmothers and aunts attend like they have in years past, that number will grow! It’s gotten big enough now that we cannot do it alone with our little staff of three, so if anyone would like to celebrate this day with us we would be so very grateful! Please give me a call at 482-1357 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help. It is a day that is special to my heart since I love to bless, encourage and treat these young mothers to something special. Please know that we would love to have you join us for these special times!

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about the Preschool.