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Wow! We already have nearly two months under our belts here at Open Arms! It has been wonderful meeting so many new children and their families! It’s just so hard to believe we are halfway through October!

This past month has been spent getting to know our kiddos and their families and it already seems like we’ve known them for years! This is such an enjoyable part of working at this preschool … making relationships that will last for years to come, well into the high school graduations for these preschoolers.

Some of our activities so far include our field trip to the Environmental Learning Center, where we had a great time despite the chilly day. We enjoyed exploring and looking for creatures, though not many were out and about in the cold weather.

We had our school pictures taken by one of our moms who loves photography and has done this for our students for several years now, at no charge! She also serves as our Child Care Health Consultant at no charge! These are the type of moms we are blessed with here at Open Arms and we are so humbled by their generosity, kindness and appreciation for what we do. Did I mention that we are blessed?

We took our walking field trip to the Fire Station on Peterson Street and enjoyed the autumn walk as well as the fire station and all the fun things that go with that! Pastor Nettleton held our first Chapel of the year and the kids really enjoyed being up in the sanctuary and hearing the message. We’ve been discussing Noah’s ark, Joseph’s colorful coat, Jesus walking on the water and Baby Moses. I continue to be amazed at how well the children can re-tell the Bible stories by the end of each week, and even more amazed at how much they remember when we review all the stories at the end of each month!

We have kicked our Kids in Harmony Music program back into gear with Mrs. Peterson and, as always, she is wonderful, and the kids love music class! We’ve also gotten into full swing of our enrichment programs that keep things hopping in the time between between the two Pre-Kindergarten classes on Monday and Wednesday and after Preschool class on Tuesday. The families enjoy being able to have extra activities right here at preschool for their children and the kiddos look forward to these activities. It took a little time to find our rhythm with all this new in- and out-of-classroom activity, but we are in the “groove” now.

We had our annual Bike Rodeo, our first fundraiser of the year. It was a success! We have collected over $2,000 in pledges, with more still trickling in. We had a great night of fun at our Pour Brothers Community Nights. Every Wednesday the downtown tavern features a local non-profit organization and donate all the tips collected between 6:00 and 8:00 PM. We haven’t gotten the final number back on that yet, but it was a well-attended evening that resulted in a lot of fellowship with families and their kiddos. Thank you to Audrey Douglas for putting this easy and fun fundraiser into action for us!

We are having parent conferences here at the end of October, so I can brag on the kiddos to their parents. We also have our Pumpkin Patch field trip coming up followed by the fun Halloween parties and all the fun costumes! Looking ahead into the next month, we will be preparing for our Thanksgiving Feasts for the PreK classes, then I will blink and we will start preparing for our Christmas Program! How does that happen so fast?

I want to end this article with a couple of stories from last week. One mom said that her three-year-old daughter asked for a cookie after dinner one night, and mom asked her if she had any treats at preschool that day (probably keeping a watch on the sugar). Her daughter told her no, she hadn’t eaten any treats that day. But after a little pause, she continued, “but mommy, going to preschool is a treat!” Another mom who had a child here last year came in with “homework” pages that her daughter had done all on her own, without any help or prompting. She had learned these skills here last year, so when she takes her “homework” pages home now, she knows what to do … all by herself. Mom made certain to show us what she had done and told us, “I cannot take credit for that—it’s all that you did with her last year and I love it!” These stories warm our hearts and provide so much encouragement to us. I love to tell people how we have a little community here at Open Arms and that is worth so very much to us. You cannot put a price on relationships and great connections with people.

Thank you to Saint John’s for your continued support of the Preschool! Blessings into your Fall!

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about the Preschool.