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We started our day as the morning maintenance crew at the Camp Restore facility. That meant trash duty, bathroom/shower cleaning and sweeping the common areas. It's not something anyone looks forward to, but, as Joel commented, “Your day can only get better when you start out by cleaning toilets.”

After cleaning, we headed over to the construction site, a home that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The family that owns the home has been displaced since the storm, renting in another part of town and helping to repair other homes while their own sits, empty and waiting.

We weren't able to finish the drywall because an electrician still has to get in and replace the wiring that we noticed yesterday had been “borrowed” from the home. But, have no fear: there's painting to be done! Wait a minute … does anyone have a paint brush that hasn't been used a hundred times before? Maybe we can find some when we make a tool run back to Camp Restore for more supplies. Uh oh … is there gas in the generator? Is it going to make it through the rest of the day? Who had the bucket of (semi-straight) nails? Do we have sandpaper? Where is the bathroom? Yeah, we're supposed to drink plenty of water, but that's kind of tough when you're not sure there’s going to be anywhere to get rid of it!

Despite the familiar organizational troubles, we did accomplish something today. The yard got mowed, trim was painted, cut and installed, bedroom doors were hung and structural work repaired in the master bathroom. (By the way, anyone want to venture a guess at how many Heseders can fit into a master bathroom at one time? The answer: all nine of them!)

At the end of the work day, we stopped at the Sno-Ball stand for a refreshing cool-down snack. Dinner tonight was red beans and rice. (Sound familiar, Haiti team?) After a quick devotion from Proverbs, a group of us headed Downtown to the Café Du Monde for beignets. YUMMY!

In one final Déjà vu moment for the day, we just heard about the wildfire in Evergreen. Not quite as close to home as the fires the blazed through the Fort Collins area while we were in Haiti last year, but no less worrisome.

Maybe we should change the time of year we do mission trips?

Bye from the Bayou!

“Hesed” is a Hebrew word that means “kindness”, “mercy”, “loyalty”, “loving-kindness” or “steadfastness.” It’s the way God intends us to live together—a “love your neighbor as yourself”, active, selfless, sacrificial, caring-for-one-another brand of living contradictory to our fallen natures. The “Heseders” are continually looking to work together to share some small measure of God’s extraordinary love. Won’t you join us?