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Deborah Sontag of the New York Times has another good piece on Haiti this week. She describes the lack of housing options, especially in urban Port-au-Prince, and the difficulty of aid.

Two and a half years after the earthquake, despite billions of dollars in reconstruction aid, the most obvious, pressing need—safe, stable housing for all displaced people—remains unmet. In what international officials term a protracted humanitarian crisis, hundreds of thousands remain in increasingly wretched tent camps. Tens of thousands inhabit dangerously damaged buildings. And countless others, evicted from camps and yards, have simply disappeared with their raggedy tarps and rusty sheet metal into the hills.Deborah Sontag, “Years After Haiti Quake, Safe Housing is a Dream for Many

Image copyright Damon Winter/The New York Times.

“Hesed” is a Hebrew word that means “kindness”, “mercy”, “loyalty”, “loving-kindness” or “steadfastness.” It’s the way God intends us to live together—a “love your neighbor as yourself”, active, selfless, sacrificial, caring-for-one-another brand of living contradictory to our fallen natures. The “Heseders” are continually looking to work together to share some small measure of God’s extraordinary love. Won’t you join us?