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Are you familiar with this beautiful Old Testament directive for the people of God?

And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Many Christians, including judges of law, use this passage as a guide for their actions toward others. A concordance reference of “love mercy” leads us back to the Hebrew word “hesed.” It seems that this frequently-used passage points us to the realization that God encourages us to show his loving kindness, or hesed, to others.

So far, twelve to fifteen members of Saint John’s are considering going on the June Mission Trip to Haiti. The video “They Cry out to God,” describing the efforts of the Lutheran Church in Haiti, was well received by the Adult Sunday School. Many in the congregation with hearts for missions have offered support and ideas for fund raisers and volunteered to attend the trip.

Down payments of $100 per person will have been made by October 31 in order to reserve our spots for the trip. The total cost for room and board for the week will be $600, plus airfare, which currently is around $800 for a round trip. We will need to purchase plane tickets soon, as prices rise each month we get closer to June. If you can sponsor one person, or half a person, please do so as soon as is feasible for you. While there will be some congregational fund raisers, the Mission Group is planning for as many community-based funds as possible. Approximately half of those attending the trip are in need of sponsorship. Please watch the bulletin for related details.

Most importantly, please pray for Haiti. Pray for the Christians there as they battle against Voodoo, poverty, medical crises and lack of opportunity. Pray that those who go to share God’s hesed with Haiti can shine Jesus’ light and warm the lives of the givers and receivers. Pray for sustainability projects such as those we will be supporting, so the people of Haiti can stand on their own feet and be the people God would have them be. Finally, pray that Saint John’s will benefit from the acts of service and love provided by the Holy Spirit.

“Hesed” is a Hebrew word that means “kindness”, “mercy”, “loyalty”, “loving-kindness” or “steadfastness.” It’s the way God intends us to live together—a “love your neighbor as yourself”, active, selfless, sacrificial, caring-for-one-another brand of living contradictory to our fallen natures. The “Heseders” are continually looking to work together to share some small measure of God’s extraordinary love. Won’t you join us?