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During the Sundays in Easter, we have been viewing in our Adult Bible Class documentaries on Holy Week and Easter hosted by renown historian Dr. Paul Maier and respected New Testament scholar N.T. Wright. Unlike the bias-driven documentaries that aired on various television networks during Holy Week and Easter, these documentaries let the historical evidences speak for themselves. They affirmed for us that our faith is not based on a faulty view of history or the forgery of historical evidences, but on sound historical evidences and facts, namely an empty tomb and clear eye witness testimony of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of the main reasons why so many question the validity of the Christian faith is their belief that the Bible is not a trustworthy historical document. They claim that the Bible is corrupted and full of contradictions. The attack on the credibility of the Bible did not start with outspoken critics like Christopher Hitchens or Bill Maher. Over the past 150 years well-known philosophers and authors such as Voltaire, Thomas Paine and Mark Twain, to name just a few, have openly questioned and criticized the credibility of the Bible.

Are these critics' claims valid? Is the Bible a historically reliable document? Is it real history or full of fictitious and fabricated stories? St. Peter writes in his first epistle, “but in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared make a defense to anyone who ask you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” What do you know about the historical reliability of the Bible? Why do you believe it is true?

Over the next four Sundays in our Adult Bible Class, we will be viewing a video-based study titled The Bible On Trial: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries, this study examines the contributions of the biblical analysis using bibliographic, internal and external evidence tests. It also examines other ancient historical voices and archaeology to determine the reliability and accuracy of the Bible's message.

In reality, the evidence we have for the authenticity of the Bible is overwhelming! Scholars across the board have concluded that the New Testament is probably the most accurate and reliable ancient document we have today. Join us Sunday mornings downstairs in the Large Fellowship Hall to see why this is true!

Rev. Shawn Nettleton is Senior Pastor at Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You can reach him in the church office, by email at or at 970-305-2420.