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These words express our thoughts as we send this letter to you. We think of you often, especially at Christmas. Over the years we have been blessed with wonderful friends who have enriched our lives. Some are with us still, folks like you' others are enjoying the fullness of life in the presence of our Lord.

We are doing quite well. We are enjoying life … good health, considering the passing of the years! We are keeping busy and enjoying the life God has given us. We celebrated our sixtieth wedding anniversary in June in the company of family who were able to join us in Pagosa Springs for a few fun-packed days. As our numbers increase, it becomes more difficult to gather together, but we keep at it! Our “gang” is going well; they are busy, busy with the living of their lives.

We hope, too, that you are doing well. But we know that sometimes health problems take their toll. As we live in the midst of the yin and yang of life it is wonderful that we have Christmas in our hearts and minds and that we are warmed by loving friends.

We hope God's Word made flesh in Christ Jesus who calls us his “friends” (John 15:13) fills your Christmas and New Year with peace, hope and love. Dear friends, much love.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

Retired pastor Rev. Tom Vander Bloemen served as Assistant Pastor at Saint John's.