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Worship happens anywhere: any time we focus on God’s will ahead of our own desires. Services in our beautiful Worship Center give us specially-dedicated time to gather, to step away from the distractions of everyday life and to direct our attention, our voices and our hearts to God.

These wonderful moments don’t happen without the work of many volunteers setting the stage for wonderful worship experiences. Here are some of the ways your fellow congregation members are serving and how you can get involved.

Up in Front

There’s a reason that song is such an important part of our worship. Music communicates the Gospel in ways that mere words cannot. You’re a Lutheran, so the odds are pretty good that you can sing! Why not share your gift with the congregation? We've got big plans for this year’s choral program, with opportunities for singers of all skill levels.

Newer singers—including anyone who’d like to “dip their toes” into the music program here at Saint John’s, are invited to our Festival Choir, a large group that sings on special Sundays through the year. Watch, too, for news of new men’s and women’s choirs. We’ll have many opportunities to sing together! As starting singers gain experience and proficiency, we’ll grow our two “Small Choirs.” The core groups have started rehearsing to sing in worship every-other month and together (as the “Chamber Choir”) on Christmas Eve and Good Friday.

We have two openings in the Chancel Bell Choir! If you know the difference between a quarter note and a half note (or at least you used to!), you’re a prime candidate. There are also a few lapsed brass players who will be getting together to see if their chops are still any good, and we’re always looking for special music and possible small ensembles. Want to rock and roll? Proficient musicians are invited to audition for the Hearts Afire Worship Team. The group meets weekly to prepare for each Sunday’s service.

Please speak with Tom Miles if any of these opportunities seems appealing. He’ll work with you to figure out where you can be the biggest help in the music ministry of Saint John’s.

Our Lay Readers love to read and share the scriptures. Contact Del Fredin if you’re comfortable reading in front of a crowd and enjoy the challenge of bringing the written word to life.

In the Back

The Altar Guild works behind the scenes caring for the chancel, setting up communion and preparing the Worship Center for services. These wonderful and hard working ladies work in the background, but gain a wonderful sense of the flow of the liturgical church year. Speak to Judy Young to learn how you can help serve.

Worship starts as we gather; warm, welcoming faces set the tone. Greeters stand at the entrance to the Worship Center to extend the hand of fellowship to worshippers. Ushers help manage the flow of people before and during the service. We need friendly folks to serve periodically in both capacities. Contact Lu Takes about greeting or Don Gibbons about ushering.

We are looking for technically-minded people to help in the sound and video booth. Both require some button-pushing and focussed attention on the service. If you’d like to see what it’s all about, speak to Bob Gann.

Older children and youth are invited to help serve as acolytes. Acolytes lead the processionals on our special celebration Sundays, but also serve behind-the-scenes, assisting with communion and lighting the chancel candles. Alison Woodward is our acolyte program coordinator.

Saint John’s Board of Worship and the Arts oversees the details of the congregation’s worship life.