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The Worship Arts Committee is looking for bakers and partakers for their first annual Bake Sale and Treasure Exchange fund raiser! It will be Sunday, June 26. Items will be sold during the fellowship and coffee time between the services, starting at about 9:00 in the Large Fellowship Hall.

“What is the Worship Arts Committee,” you ask? It is a dedicated group who “brainstorm” enhancements to the traditional decorations used in the church sanctuary and entrances for the major holidays and seasons through the church year. Though this is a new new committee, only one year old, they’ve already tackled many projects and received lots of compliments for their work.

The members of the Worship Arts Committee are the ones responsible for decorating the church for Christmas and this past year’s addition of the Angel Tree at the back of the Worship Center. They also purchased, made and put up the beautiful adornments for Easter and the Easter season.

The committee is currently working on building a wooden cross to be placed at the north entrance during Lent and Easter, as a reminder to all passers-by of God’s grace. They’re also working to “repair, replace and return to flight” the angels that once graced the heavens of the Worship Center at Christmas. Watch the upstairs hallway in the south addition: the group has recruited Diane Gilbert to lead a project to make a set of banners for the “window” spaces to match the processional banner she made for Saint John’s 100th anniversary. This small group is full of ideas for making the building a special place set aside for the Lord, and will pursue other projects as funds allow.

And that’s where you come in! Please come and support this ministry while enjoying some delicious baked goods and looking for some treasures in our rummage-style sale. If you can help out by preparing baked goods for this event, please sign up at the Welcome Center. We’re also looking for your used household items. Bring those tchotchkies and trinkets you no longer have a place for, the collectible you no longer collect, or other items that you no longer value—but think someone else might. The Worship Arts Committee will keep the proceeds from your donation, and asks that donors plan take back anything that doesn’t sell. So please mark each item with your name and a promising price. We’ll have a drop-off spot for donations by the Welcome Center on June 19, or you can bring your items in to the church office from June 20–24.

Thanking you in advance for your support!

Pat Prill is a member of the Worship Arts Committee, which works throughout the church year to enhance the visual aspects of Saint John’s worship.