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Dear Friends in Christ at Saint John’s Lutheran Church,

Greetings from Saint Louis! The three of us safely arrived at our apartment (about a half-mile from the seminary) on Wednesday, August 2, and have been putting things in order and rearranging some furniture. It’s hard to believe that our summer, for the most part, is over. We were looking forward to being in Fort Collins with you all for what seemed like a long time in the spring. But then summer came and went all too fast.

So, we want you to know how much we appreciated and enjoyed being in worship with you and sharing with you a little bit of your life this past summer. Thank you for the hospitality you showed to us, in welcoming us into your congregation, providing us with a place to live, stocking our pantry and everything else. We loved getting to know you all; you have been so kind and friendly! We thank God for the presence of His Church in Fort Collins, for the ministry that he is carrying out through you!

Finally, thanks for being a part of my education in the ministry. This was not only a great summer job for me, it was also a chance to grow and improve in areas related to my studies at seminary. I will carry with me the things I’ve learned as I continue my studies in the coming years and even as I enter the parish. You all at St. John’s will continue to be a blessing to me in my future studies and ministry, and you will always be special to our family. May God bless and keep you in His grace.

Yours in Christ,
Ben, Grace and Larson

Ben Vanderhyde served as summer intern at Saint John’s in 2017. He is currently studying for the ministry at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.