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Isaiah 9:1–7 is a wellspring of names for the prophesied Messianic King: Great Light, Wonderful Child, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. The author is bursting with praise and hope for the coming Light, the Christmas star who would illuminate a land darkened by sin.

The child that “to us is born, to us is given” would be the fulfillment of all of the promises of God made to God’s people and to all people throughout the Old Testament. This one person would meet head-on “the hopes and fears of all the years” and bring about our salvation. No wonder the prophet is offering praise in such profusion! Let us, too, rejoice in the coming of the Wonderful Child, our Savior!

Pastor Nickel's December 11 message (mp3)

Pastor Nickel's December 18 message (mp3)

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