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Last Sunday we celebrated the ascension of Christ: forty days after the cross and resurrection, Jesus returned to His father in heaven. He promised that, though He ascended, His presence and guidance would remain in the form of “the Advocate,” “the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father.” The Spirit testifies to the victory of Christ and glorifies Him. The Spirit convicts the world of sin by the word of the Law, forgives sins and justifies sinners by the Word of the Gospel and bestows the faith which says “Amen” to this righteousness of God.

Therefore, fifty days after He rose from the dead and ten after He ascended into heaven, the Lord pours out His Spirit on the Apostles. By their preaching the Spirit would be given to the entire church. In the same way the crowd is drawn to the sound of the proclamation of “the wonders of God” that Pentecost morning, God the Father pours out the Spirit of His Son “on all people.” The Lord God breathes upon those who are dead so that they shall live! So the Lord has spoken, and He shall do it.

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