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Today, we once again hear the story of Christ’s victory over death. We believe the glorious news that “He has risen! He is not here.” The women at Jesus’ tomb and the disciples heard this and were afraid and confused. It’s no wonder: Isaiah tells us that the entire fallen world is veiled in a shroud—as for a funeral—“spread over all nations” and “cast over all peoples.

But Christ’s crucified and risen body and blood are given and poured out for all people as “a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine”—a feast we enter through Holy Baptism. In this sacrament we were buried with Jesus and raised up with Him dressed in a white robe of His perfect righteousness. The Lord of hosts, the incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, has defeated death, removing its terrible pall and swallowing it up forever. Now He wipes away the tears from our faces, and He invites us to “be glad and rejoice in His salvation.” “So we preach,” writes Paul, “and so you believed.” On this good news we stand, and by this gospel we are saved!

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