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God had promised His people that He would send them a king in the line of David to rule them and save them. Jesus, Son of David, is the fulfillment of this great prophecy, the king who will enter His heir's city in triumph.

But this grand entrance is tempered by humility. Jesus rides “sitting on a donkey's colt” instead of a great war horse. He comes not to be lifted up onto a throne of power, but to be lifted up in glory on the cross. The power of God is love, which crescendos in the humble obedience and voluntary self-sacrifice of the Son of God for the salvation of sinners.

God the Father “highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name that is above every name,” that He might reign over us in love with the forgiveness of His cross. The Church is thus called to “rejoice greatly.” The king comes with salvation, and “He shall speak peace to the nations.

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