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God’s stewards are managers, not owners! God’s stewards are given the privilege to manage the resources He has so richly orchestrated for each of us. We have been entrusted with these godly gifts. Whether great or small, they are meant to be shared. We are not solo performers; rather we are empowered by God to be a giving congregation and Christian family.

The Board of Stewardship is asking each congregation member to give prayerful attention and planning to the task of sharing what is reasonable for you. Congregation members will be receiving an offering pledge letter and card in the mail in the next week. The letter is simply asking that you fill out the card with a financial pledge for 2012.

Our worship focus through the first half of October will be on stewardship, with the program Fearless Giving in Fearful Times. We ask that the pledge cards be returned to the church on “Commitment Sunday”, October 16. (You may drop your card off in the office if you’d like to return it before the sixteenth.)

This pledge collection is happening earlier than usual in order that the pledges can be used to guide the fiscal and operational planning decisions at Saint John’s.

Giving of time, talents and treasures is truly a spiritual direction that is between you and God. Please give prayerful consideration in responding to the pledge letter. And, as you consider your commitment of money and time for 2012, consider becoming a part of the Board of Stewardship!

Saint John’s Stewardship Board promotes the development of good stewardship and giving patterns among the members of Saint John’s.