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Have you noticed the new signs in the church building? Our Signage Project is moving forward! Many thanks to the Board of Trustees and the Board of Outreach members, who mounted the great-looking blue signs. These interior signs will make our building more accessible to guests and visitors!

The Board of Outreach extends a big “Thank you” to the Foundation and to the members who have so donated so generously to this project. We have raised $2,450 so far. This covers the $500 cost of the interior signs and leaves just $2,100 left to collect to complete Phase II, the exterior signs.

The exterior signs will include a large sign at the south entrance, signs on the north side of the church building, parking signs at the three entrances to the lot and improved lighting for better sign visibility at night events. They will be hewn from the same type of sandstone that was used to create the large sign in front of the church. We will save money by having all of the signs cut and installed at the same time.

Please continue to make your donations toward this project’s final phase! Write “signage” in the memo line of your check and drop it into the Sunday collection plate or deliver it to the church office.

Speaking of signage: watch for a fun upcoming fun event for the ole’ historic “Office” finger sign currently on the north side of the building. The Outreach Board is planning to sell the sign in a silent auction. Watch the bulletin for information!

If you have questions, please contact any member of the Board of Outreach.

The Board of Outreach enlists God’s people at Saint John’s in the work of spreading the gospel to the unchurched and works to deepen the faith and activity of the members of the congregation.