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Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.Romans 10:1,4

“You mean I don't need to sacrifice a cow or pay some money?”

A new radio station offered an opportunity for the Lutheran Mission in Africa/Synod of a Thousand Hills to provide a weekly one-hour Sunday program. “The teaching was very good, although at times the waves were not very strong, but we tried to listen carefully,” shares a Mr. Mdimgango about the broadcasts. With over six million in the greater Mwanza area in northern Tanzania, the pastors of this church shared the Gospel, provided health and hygiene information and helped alleviate the fear of coronavirus.

After hearing a service, songs and message, it wasn't long before listeners began calling into the radio station to ask questions of the bishop and request visits. The listening area in just eastern Rwanda includes over 3.6 million people, so the bishop quickly realized he needed assistance. He recruited other LMA/STH Lutheran pastors to preach, take calls and make socially distanced visits to people eager to hear about salvation through Christ. In December of 2020 we were blessed to have them visit our offices where they shared these stories with us.

“People are hungry for the Word of God and wanted more time to listen during the week,” says the bishop. Other Lutheran pastors joined him to assist with preaching, counseling and connecting with listeners who desired in-person visits and support.

The churches in Rwanda, and other countries in Africa, remain closed, and the radio programming continues today thanks in part to special gifts provided by donors. Many people have been reached with this programming. Some have asked to learn more through the catechism, and after doing so, one couple even married. Many are surprised to hear that it is not our actions or sacrifices that please God, but because of His love for us, Christ overcame sin and death to reconcile us back to God the Father. And for the man quoted at the beginning of this article, that Good News was a release from fear. It is amazing to see how God uses even this current situation to tell others about Christ.

John Wolf is the Africa Region Project Manager for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. He and his family, with the support of LCMS churches like Saint John’s, are serving in Kenya. Please keep them in your prayers! We encourage you to follow their family blog,, which is also where you can sign up to their mailing list and make donations.