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Every two years, LCMS missionaries have the opportunity to reconnect with the individuals, families and congregations that have sent them out to serve in regions throughout the world. Since we use a network support model, it is important to personally update as many of these people as we can on the work that the Lord is doing in Uganda, as well as provide more details about daily life and ministry there. It allows people to know they are an important part of the work that is being done.

It is also provides the unique opportunity to learn how the Lord continues to work through the many congregations, individuals and families in the United States. We are grateful that people opened their homes and congregations to us so that they could learn about the the work we do alongside the Lutheran Church of Uganda, as well as how to best support the Lord’s work in Uganda.

We thank God for the ability to share with congregations in fourteen states, ranging from North Carolina to Oregon, Florida to Montana. We are grateful that he gave us the endurance needed to joyfully share about the work, travel safely from place-to-place and had extended time to build relationships with an extensive network of people. We valued the time with our family and friends along the way as well! It is a joy and privilege to daily serve the Lord in Uganda, and it is a joy and privilege to be your missionaries and share about the work that is being done in this part of the world.

We are also thankful to the Lutheran Church of Uganda, who encouraged us during our travels and graciously welcomed us back once we returned to Uganda. We thank God for opportunities to reconnect with people we serve alongside in ministry, both in the United States and Uganda!

Like with any trip, after the journey is finished, it is always good to return home. For us, our life and ministry is in Uganda. So Uganda is home. When a person returns home in East Africa, greetings and visitations are part of the daily routines. This meant greeting those in our community that we see on a regular basis, such as the people in the markets, post office, neighbors and especially our friends and colleagues in the Lutheran Church of Uganda. We spent one day greeting those within Jinja, including people in and around town and the church body, and another day going to the Lutheran Theological College Uganda. It was encouraging to reconnect with our friends, colleagues and students.

We often asked, “what is the news here?” Meaning, what has happened while we were away? People would smile and begin to share the important news that occurred while we were on home service. It brought us great joy to be welcomed back with smiles, knowing we could continue our work of walking alongside one another in life and ministry.

It was a blessing to hear how the Lutheran Church of Uganda continues to grow under the care of the pastors and other leaders, and the students continue to be eager to learn and serve in the communities Some of the news we were able to celebrate alongside the LCU was the recent ordination of Rev. Benard Mwesigwa, who recently graduated from the seminary in Kenya. As we shared with others in person towards the end of our home service, Rev. Benard is now the 22nd pastor to serve the Lord in the Lutheran Church of Uganda. We thank God that He continues to provide workers for the harvest, so that more people can hear and know the Word of the Lord, and grow in the faith.

A Special Message for Saint John’s

Dear Believers of Saint John’s, Greetings in Christ from Uganda! Megan and I hope that all of you are well. Thank you for your prayers and support of God’s work in Uganda. We would not be able to serve alongside the Lutheran Church of Uganda in spreading the Word of God if it weren’t for you.

As you know, Megan and I were in the U.S. for the last three months updating our partners on how God is using the people here to build His Church. This is an important part of our work but we are very glad to have rejoined our brothers and sisters in Christ for service in Uganda. As we were sharing with people in the US, the LCU continued to faithfully share the Gospel and ordained their 22nd pastor in February, Rev. Benard Mwesigwa. Now there is one more able to support the 145 congregations and to share God’s word with those that don’t know Him as their Savior.

Rev. Benard Mwesigwa’s installation.

Thank you again for your prayers and support, Megan and I also pray for all of you. You are a blessing to us and the people of Uganda.

Mark and Megan Mantey serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary, and Megan is the seminary’s instructor of Christian education and counseling. You can follow their work at