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We are happy to announce that Hollen Shirley Vanderhyde was born on January 13. She weighed seven pound, six ounces and measured 21 inches long. Both she and her mother are perfectly healthy. We thank God that there were no complications with the pregnancy or labor. We thank him for giving us our sweet little girl! Hollen’s grandfather will baptize her into the Lord’s family on January 27.

With that, our team is assembled! We are moving to take care of Hollen’s passport and papers as quickly as possible. Our fellow workers in Asia are anxious for us to deploy and join them! We greatly anticipate our work in Sri Lanka, the work to which Christ’s Church has appointed us. Vocation (being needed by others) is a wonderful gift.

And, even though we are still waiting to serve in our vocations as missionaries in Sri Lanka, God is blessing us with a time to work in our vocations as husband, wife, father, mother, (and now) sister, brother, son and daughter. These will remain our primary vocations even in Asia. May the Lord strengthen us and you in this God-pleasing work called family!

Vicar Benjamin and Grace Vanderhyde serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as missionaries in Sri Lanka. In his role as vicar, Benjamin trains up musicians to serve the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church while assisting the other LCMS missionaries serving in Sri Lanka with their work and learning from them. You can read more about the Vanderhydes at