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We have some unfortunate tidings regarding the timing of our deployment to Sri Lanka. For a long time, we have been planning to leave for the field by the end of November or early December. The single reason for this plan was that Grace is due to give birth to our second child in January. It made sense to us and to our regional team for us to be overseas when the baby arrived. However, because of delays related to the securing of entry visas, we will be staying in the U. S. until after the birth.

The plans we make never take everything into account. What makes sense to us at one level might be irrational at another. Since accepting our vicarage assignment this Spring, we have realized more and more how little we know, how limited is the scope of our understanding. (This will only become more apparent when we’re immersed into a new culture.) But the one who appointed our family through His Church to be missionaries operates on a level above all others. His plans are perfect. He takes everything into account.

We thank God that He planned to restore us and all of creation even before He laid the earth’s foundations, by the Advent of His Son. Moreover, He graciously incorporated all of us into that plan, as short-sighted as we are. He is so far above us; His reason baffles us, but he gives us a part to play. He makes us members of Christ’s Church, and through this Church, brings the good news to the world. Praise the Lord that he has a plan. Thank him for giving each of us a part to play.

Vicar Benjamin and Grace Vanderhyde serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as missionaries in Sri Lanka. In his role as vicar, Benjamin trains up musicians to serve the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church while assisting the other LCMS missionaries serving in Sri Lanka with their work and learning from them. You can read more about the Vanderhydes at