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One of our great joys in ministry is witnessing both the delight in the Lord and commitment to do God’s work through the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU). People are committed in sharing the Gospel, sharing the love of Christ with their communities and supporting one another as they are called to do.

Recently, Megan got to be a part of this through a seminary recruitment trip to the southwest, midwest and central regions of Uganda. The purpose of the trips are to recruit new students for the upcoming term. However, other important elements of the trip include opportunities to encourage and check-in with current students home for the break and uplift, update and share expectations about the seminary with congregational and deanery leaders. The Lutheran Theological College Uganda (LTCU) is a ministry of the church, and this means that it requires all people to understand, support and encourage in their own ways.

As Rev. Enoch Macben (principal of the seminary), Rev. Raymond Kaija (Dean of the Midwestern Deanery and LTCU faculty) and Megan shared with the congregational leaders about the roles and responsibilities of the students, congregations and deaneries, and the needs of the seminary, the congregational leaders responded positively about how they could best support. New students who are called by God to serve as future pastors in the LCU are sent by these congregations. The congregations in turn help provide for the student and his family while away at seminary by praying and checking in on the family, helping in the garden and sending the student with items he needs for studying. The congregations contributions also includes sending food for the seminary. We praise the Lord for his continued work through the LCU!

Over the semester break, we were able to serve in a variety of ways.

Directly after the semester ended in June, we celebrated alongside the LCU as they commissioned their first class of vicars. It was a great celebration, not only for the region, but for the whole country, as these men were sent out to six of the seven areas the Lutheran Church of Uganda serves in daily. It was a proud moment for both the LCU and for us, as we have closely interacted with the men this past year. It was a joy to see them equipped to serve as they continue to grow and learn in their vocation. We look forward to hearing about and seeing the work the Lord accomplishes through their hands this year!

In July we had the opportunity to go to Nairobi to spend time with and encourage recent graduates from the seminary in Matongo, Kenya. There were two graduates that are from the Lutheran Church of Uganda, and one additional person that serves in Tanzania.

We were able to represent both the LCMS and be a part of the representation alongside our colleague, Rev. Peter Maganda, from the LCU. It was a great day to celebrate the graduates accomplishment of their recent degree and another opportunity for us to share the love of Christ through the ministry of presence. We are thankful we can build and foster relationships in this way. We pray the Holy Spirit continues to guide and lead them as they serve in ministry. We look forward to serving alongside the LCU graduates in their respective home regions in the Eastern and Central deaneries.

Mark and Megan Mantey serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary, and Megan is the seminary’s instructor of Christian education and counseling. You can follow their work at