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Recently, the LCMS and the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) collaborated ministry efforts to share the Word of the Lord from a Lutheran perspective with the leaders of the independent Anglican Church of South Sudan at Nyumanzi Refugee Settlement in Adjumani, which is in northern Uganda. Because they are independent, they have not been able to access training for new pastors, teachers and lay leaders and wanted to learn more about Lutheran doctrine.

The LCMS and the LCU saw an important opportunity to provide instruction, answer questions and share about the Lutheran faith by teaching on the Small Catechism. Copies of the Small Catechism in Dinka, the language of the people group in attendance, were brought from the U.S. for use in training and continued study. It’s amazing how God continually provides the resources to share His word in even the most remote locations. Bishop Bameka, Rev. James Odoo and Rev. Raymond Kaija were able to represent the LCU as instructors and leaders to teach and answer questions about the Lutheran faith in East Africa. Two LCMS pastors who are missionaries in East Africa were also able to attend, teach and support the work of the LCU in Adjumani. Mark was also able to serve as an advocate, encourager and logistics coordinator to the pastors for both the LCU and LCMS.

By the end of the seven days together, the leadership of the Anglican Church of South Sudan was eager to learn more about Lutheran theology and asked for more training. It was resolved that the LCU would offer additional training opportunities to pastors and lay leaders so they can continue to learn more about the Lutheran teachings and doctrines.

Life and Ministry Update

At the Lutheran Theological College Uganda (LTCU), farming is an important part of being good stewards of the resources God gives the church. Uganda is blessed with rich soil and the ability to grow enough food to feed the seminarians, faculty and staff. By growing much of the needed food, students also learn important farming techniques which will help them provide for their own families once they are regularly serving in their communities. It’s also an important contribution of the church body to provide for the 41 students in this way.

Seminary staff and leadership have the opportunity to lead by example by spending time in the garden with the students. Most recently, Mark was able to help plant beans with the students over a weekend. We praise God for these hands-on opportunities to encourage His workers, serve alongside students and utilize the resources that God continuously provides.

Megan was recently invited to participate in a LCU women’s conference and facilitate a session about mentoring and equipping other women in congregations. As many of the women live in very remote areas, it’s always a celebration when they are able to gather together to enjoy, encourage and listen to one another. They are able to share in each other’s joys as they gather together to study God’s Word. Megan appreciates the opportunities to build relationships with the women and learn more about their daily lives in Christ.

Mark and Megan Mantey serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary, and Megan is the seminary’s instructor of Christian education and counseling. You can follow their work at