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The Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) works daily to build Christ’s church. We are thankful to partner with this important ministry through our work at the seminary. It also brings us great joy when we are able to partner alongside our colleagues at the LCU to share the love of Christ in the villages throughout Uganda. The church’s growth in Uganda continues to expand rapidly, especially in the villages. The Holy Spirit continues to change the hearts and minds of His people, through hearing the Word of the Lord. We have witnessed this continuously through the steadfast work of the Lutheran Church of Uganda.

Most recently, Megan was able to accompany Rev. Peter Maganda, Dean of the Eastern Deanery, and other LCU leadership to Butayunjwa, a remote village near Lake Kyoga, which is near the middle of the country. About twenty years ago, the Lutheran congregation at Butayunjwa had one of the first permanent structures built. Since that time, children regularly attend the school, and families gather on Sundays for worship. Currently, there are over 500 children who attend the school.

The LCU saw great importance in hosting a workshop at Butayunjwa Lutheran focusing on teaching the Word of the Lord, instructing others on the Small Catechism and encouraging the Christians in that region. During the closing worship, thirty six children and two adults were baptized and six people were confirmed.

Megan was also able to spend time with the women in the community, encouraging them in their daily lives of service to the Lord, sharing in their joys and praying about their struggles. We praise God for these moments of witnessing the Gospel message take root.

In January, when students were still home evangelizing, teaching and anticipating coming back to seminary, we prepared for the upcoming term.

For Megan, a lot of preparation goes into how to best approach Christian education and counseling classes for her students at the seminary. The methods of teaching in East Africa are quite different than in the United States. Thus, Megan engages in conversations with local Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) leaders and asks plenty of questions to learn more about implementation. She also researches her topics to ensure a proper approach in teaching within her assigned role and how the students can best understand the information.

Mark’s preparation included meeting with different leaders of the LCU and seminary, looking back at the financial records of the past semester, but also looking ahead and learning about the new goals from the seminary and church leadership. In and throughout all the planning, Mark’s work is centered on Christ Jesus, and helps manage the business aspects of the seminary, so the pastors and students at the seminary can best build up the church through the Holy Spirit.

During the month of February, we welcomed the newest missionary to East Africa, Rachel Meyer. Rachel serves as a teacher at Hope Lutheran Primary School in Bufuula (near Jinja), Uganda. We were happy to welcome her alongside the LCU Mission Coordinator, Violet. We were also able to assist in her orientation with another missionary from Kenya. Please keep Rachel in your prayers as she assimilates to life and ministry in Uganda and gets to better know the people we joyfully serve alongside.

Mark and Megan Mantey serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary, and Megan is the seminary’s instructor of Christian education and counseling. You can follow their work at