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Laurel Elementary is our neighborhood school, and Saint John’s has supported the economically disadvantaged children there for a number of years. This fall there are three projects that specifically support Laurel’s students.

School Supplies

In mid-July, school supply lists were posted for needy children at the school. A school bulletin board near the Welcome Center has lists of school supplies needed for kindergarten through fifth grade at Laurel. Due to cost considerations, each list is divided into A or B. If you want to donate all the supplies one child will need, grab both an A and B list for the grade of your choice.

We ask that you stick closely to the brands and supplies requested. There are often good reasons why less-expensive alternatives are poor choices. Ask Chris Rattenburg to explain it to you!

Supplies or monetary donations are due to Saint John’s by Sunday, August 11. Happy beginning-of-school sales!

Thanksgiving Baskets

Every Thanksgiving, the Board of Human Needs provides baskets for ten to twelve families at Laurel. The food comes from donations by members of the Board of Human Needs and supplemented by funds from our annual budget.

Gift Tree

In December, you’ll find the blue tree near the Welcome Center full of lists of gifts requested for children at Laurel of a variety of ages. Last year, we provided gifts for over seventy children.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities to get involved at Laurel are as volunteers at the school. The Poudre School District has a volunteer coordinator who can be reached at the website.

Alpha Center Report

In other news: thanks to the congregation for your generous donations to the Alpha Center. Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you gave $798.80 through the baby bottle drive to support the Christian counseling of the Alpha Center.

Nelly Sanford chairs Saint John’s Board of Human Needs, which finds opportunities for the members of Saint John’s to provide a Christian witness by helping people in the community struggling with daily necessities.