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Although there are a few age wrinkles on the faces and the sewing machines are old, the quilts made by Saint John’s quilters are Rainbow Quilts of Love. The joy these women have making these quilts and their fellowship with Christian sisters are only part of why they share their talents—it is really the indescribable feeling they get knowing their quilts are their way of reaching out to those in need and wrapping their arms around them. It is not just the occasional exceptional quilt that results from their effort, but every one of the hundred that they make through the course of a year are absolutely beautiful.

As a means of raising money, some women like to hand quilt large pieces assembled by someone else; this very old craft entails hand sewing small, uniform, patterned stitches through all three layers of a quilt and can take six months to complete. The funds raised through hand quilting are used to service the sewing machines, supplement supplies and financially assist various ministries. Some financial assistance recipients have included Good Shepherd Home, Lutheran Family Services, Wing Shadow, Laurel Elementary Homeless Support, Lutheran World Relief, Pastor and Church debt assistance, Road Runners for Christ, and Saint John’s Foundation, general, and preschool funds.

Others like to sew small fabric pieces together into various patchwork patterns for the tops of tied quilts; and still others like to tie the three layers of a quilt together with evenly spaced knots over the body of the quilt. These lap and queen size patchwork quilts are donated to various organizations.

The quilts are all made from donated fabric, thread, knitting yarn, needles and thimbles on donated sewing machines. As for the batting in these quilts, the women want to thank North Larimer County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for their continued $500 supplement for this hands-on ministry. Quilt recipients have included Cross Roads, Salvation Army, Lutheran Family Services, Orphan Grain Train, Lutheran World Relief, Foothills Gateway, Catholic Mission, Open Door Mission, Road Runners for Christ, Murphy Center for Hope, Good Shepherd Home, Linus, Secret Santa for Seniors, and Saint John’s Fall Fair.

The quilters started meeting more than thirty years ago in Ruby Demlow’s home. They are grateful for the sewing room and fabric room next to the Small Fellowship Hall at Saint John’s; they are blessed by fabric, thread, yarn, and equipment donations from the congregation; and they have fun making these Rainbow Quilts of Love every Monday and Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00. They also meet the last Friday of the month from 9:00 to 3:00.

Every piece of fabric, every spool of thread, and every hour of donated time is a welcome addition in the creation of these Rainbow Quilts of Love.

The Quilters meet twice a week (Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 to Noon) and the last Friday of every month. Contact the church office for more information.