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The Alpha Center is a nonprofit Christian Medical Clinic in the heart of Fort Collins and takes pride in providing compassionate, exceptional medical care to those in need of a pregnancy test, options education, STD screening, professional relationship counseling and sexual health education. The Alpha Center does not provide nor refer for abortions.

The center strives to ensure all patients are served with dignity by a licensed medical professional, approaching each client holistically, offering a safe place to share their experiences and ask questions.

Alpha Center began in 1985 as a pregnancy hotline in Fort Collins. They attained non-profit designation in 1987 and a year later opened the first office near Drake and College. In 2000, they became a medical facility by adding ultrasound, and two years later added STD screening as well. In 2016, they added a licensed professional counselor to their staff.

Today, The Alpha Center is located at College and Pitkin, right across from Colorado State University. The staff of sixteen includes registered nurses, administrative staff, and a licensed professional counselor. On an average, the Alpha Center serves 400–500 patients yearly. All services are offered at no cost, thanks to the generous support of many individuals, businesses and churches in our community.

Each month, the Alpha Center will share a client’s story with us so we can see first-hand the impact made by our support (name(s) changed for confidentiality).

When Liz first came in for her appointment, she stated that her intention was either abortion or parenting. She had just had a baby four months earlier and had not been prepared to find herself pregnant again. At her repeat appointment one week later, she revealed that she had had an abortion scheduled for later that day, but had decided to cancel it. Even so, she was still considering abortion as an option. At her second repeat appointment, she stated that she had decided to parent and shared that the weekly appointments and ultrasounds had been so helpful and comforting to her.

This is exactly how the Focus process works! We help make space for our patients to explore all her options while providing accurate medical information. All this is provided in a calm, professional environment where the patient knows she is valued and cared for. For Liz and her baby, it made all the difference.

The Board of Human Needs finds opportunities for the members of Saint John’s to provide a Christian witness by helping people in the community struggling with daily necessities.