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This month we are highlighting the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) grant of $100,000 for the Ministry in Mission Christian Eldercare Home in Jacmel, Haiti.

Haiti is a nation in need of special attention. Since the earthquake in 2010, Lutheran baptisms in Haiti have been multiplied beyond expectations and Lutheran church attendance is increasing. However, many physical and spiritual needs of Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ are left unmet.

Ministry in Mission desires to fulfill the intent of creating a true community for Haitian Lutherans by providing a safe living environment for Haitians in the Jacmel area, particularly the forgotten elderly. The Christian Eldercare Home will be built on the same property where an orphanage was constructed in 2014. It will be for elderly people who have outlived their families, some of whom are currently living in tents and deplorable conditions. With the two facilities on the same property, the children will have grandparents to dote on them and the elderly will have children to make them smile. The center, built with funds supplied by this grant, would be a dwelling with clean water, suitable waste containment, beds, food and care for these forgotten people.

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since 1942, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and by supporting global missions. For more information on each month’s mission focus, visit Saint John’s Mission Guild (LWML) meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in Room 301. All ladies of the congregation are invited to attend.