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The Rocky Mountain District of the LWML (Lutheran Women in Mission) has pledged mission grants to two recipients for the 2016–2017 biennium. Here’s some information on those organizations and what they do with the money from LWML!

Siberian Lutheran Mission Society

Imagine living in a place where Christianity was outlawed for so long that entire generations of believers never had a pastor. Today’s Siberian Lutherans come from a long line of faithful ancestors, but for much of their own lives Christianity has been outlawed. There are so few churches in such a large geographical area that the pastors that serve God’s people here often travel hundreds of miles, crossing several time zones, to get from one congregation to another.

Today the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society is working to help support our brothers and sisters in Christ in Siberia. Funds are raised to purchase Bibles, VBS materials and altar wares, as well as support the pastors that serve these remote locations. No Russian church bodies support the Lutheran Church in Siberia, so any help from fellow Lutherans is appreciated. The mercy work involved is also supported by our prayers and gifts, helping the pastors share the Word of God and care for their flocks in body and soul.

Please keep our Siberian Lutheran brothers and sisters in your prayers, and continue to support the collection of our Mighty Mites, which are helping provide traveling funds for these pastors to reach God’s people in this remote place.

The Table at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Lakewood, Colorado

The Table ministers to the working poor and homeless in the Lakewood area. Every Thursday evening volunteers prepare and serve a meal that is followed by a contemporary worship service and time for Christian fellowship. They serve an average of 85 people a week. Pastor Ross has been teaching on Philippians in his sermon series, which leads to more discussion during the fellowship time. This outreach has resulted in one confirmation and one marriage!

While the space for the service and the meal is in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Commons area and most of the volunteers that lead the service, and prepare and serve the meal are members of Bethlehem, the church is not able to provide all of the needed financial support for food and worship materials. Before the LWML RMD grant, the $150 per week food cost was funded by donations from attendees and local supporters. As attendance increased, these funds were becoming insufficient. The volunteers and attendees are very grateful for this mission grant!

Please keep The Table in your prayers as you drop coins in your Mites box.

The Mission Guild is Saint John’s branch of the national Lutheran Women’s Missionary League organization that participates in mission projects both at home and abroad.