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The Board of Human Needs held their fall meeting and workday November 28. After setting up the Giving Tree and stocking the Food Bank Pantry from your generous Thanksgiving food offering, we held a business meeting. On our agenda:

  • Fifteen Thanksgiving baskets, filled with turkey and fixings for a family meal, were donated to Laurel Elementary families.
  • We received a good non-perishable food donation from the congregation. The pantry is well supplied, for now!
  • We filled the Christmas Giving Tree with 55 tags for Laurel children, gift card tags for for Alpha Center clients and several “visitation” ornaments for Saint John’s homebound members. All tags were quickly taken by the congregation!
  • The board decided on a new project for 2016: assembling Baby Care Kits to donate to Lutheran World Relief this spring. This project will begin in mid-February and the kits will be assembled on Palm Sunday during the fellowship time. Watch the bulletin for details!

Many thanks to the board members for their hard work, and to the congregation of Saint John’s for their generous support for these acts of mercy.

Nelly Sanford chairs Saint John’s Board of Human Needs, which finds opportunities for the members of Saint John’s to provide a Christian witness by helping people in the community struggling with daily necessities.