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The next Elderberries “Third-Thursday” potluck will be at Noon on Thursday, June 20. The program after lunch will be presented by Marge Griffin.

Marge was the last child born at a historic 124-year-old log house in Deer Trail, Colorado. The house was built in 1889, several years before the first recorded homesteader, a cattle-company owner, took over the land. Marge’s grandfather and grandmother moved into the cabin in 1916, and made improvements to it, shoring up the foundation and adding a front porch ans summer kitchen.

The tiny home held ten people when Marge was born. It was donated to the Deer Trail History Society just after the Society was formed, in 1967. Marge will share her history of the log house and show photos of the historic homestead.

Everyone is invited to come enjoy a potluck lunch and the hour-long presentation on Thursday, June 20!

The Elderberries Board (the Board of Older Adult Ministries) affirms the unique worth of older persons, equips older people for ministry and provides opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for older adults.