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Calling all Elderberries—that’s Saint John’s members 55 and over—grab your ball cap and a pair of sunglasses and get ready to come enjoy a ballgame at beautiful Coors Field. On Wednesday, July 18, the Colorado Rockies will play the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we have some great tickets: just $10 for outfield box seats under the canopy on the third base line. Call your friends and invite them along to this fun Elderberries event!

This is a great chance to chat with fellow Elderberries, enjoy a pleasant afternoon game and enjoy a hot dog, a bag of peanuts and, maybe, a cold beer.

There’s a limited number of tickets, so RSVP today to the church office. We will be taking reservations until July 9—or until we run out of tickets! If we can get together a group of fifteen or more people, we will arrange transportation from the church for the game.

Come enjoy America’s favorite pastime with your friends from Saint John’s.

The Elderberries Board (the Board of Older Adult Ministries) affirms the unique worth of older persons, equips older people for ministry and provides opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for older adults.